Santa's Workshop Of Too Much..... WORK!!!!

Two kids, Luke and Caroline, get a free trip to the North Pole to visit Mr. Santa Claus!!! But then they get lost in the Winter Woods and can't seem to find their way to Santa's Workshop. What dangers will they face? What experiences will they have together? What will they face when they get to the workshop?
Seems like all fun and games in the movies at Santa's Workshop, but find out if its the same in The Real World!!!
Written and Created by: @Styler123���� & @(Luke J.R)
Cover created by: @(Luke J.R)


1. Authors' Notes

Dear Readers,

This is Sty at the moment, unfortunately, our Luke is sick and is having trouble being on here at the time so he couldn't make it... BUT, we will start our book as soon as possible it would really mean a lot if you guys were patient. Me and Luke working together probably seems exciting because I am I can't wait! But Luke is sick during this Holiday Season but it won't be that long I promise! Anyways we love you all for supporting and reading. Later fans! <333 :)

        From: @Styler123💖💖

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