Secrets... is about a teenage girl with a very big secret that only her best friend knows. She is a new kid in town and her life is about to get really crazy. She meets a guy who she likes and wants to tell her secret to, but doesnt know if its the best thing to do. She feels as though he might have a secret too though. Will they find out each others secrets? Find out by reading my movella and like it!

P.S- i love you all Starshines, and the more likes the more i will update it! :D


1. Moving

My name is Lithia, and I have a secret that only my best friend Ellena knows about. My name translates to a German word meaning vampire, so if u haven't guessed I am a vampire. Before you ask, no I do not suck peoples blood. I am different and only consume animal blood because the thought of killing a human for their blood creeps me out. Anyway, I live with my mom Tessa and we just moved to a town called Willowbrooke. My dad is out of the picture and I have a dog named Rufus. Even though I am a vampire I still go to high school like any other normal teenager. I suffer from being very attractive, but people don't talk to me because they think i'm weird. I am not conceded, but I notice guys staring at me all the time. I am nervous to be starting at a new school, because i'm not sure what to expect. "Lithia!, please come here!" "I'm coming mom!" "Hurry please!" I went to see what my mom wanted. "Will you help me move the table into the kitchen please?" my mom asked. "Where do you want it?" I replied. I finished helping her move some stuff into the new house. It was a nice two story house with a beautiful yard and a pool in the back. I liked it there, but I missed our old home too. I was dreading tomorrow since I had to go register for school. I'm not severely nervous since I was used to moving a lot due to my mom's job, but I still wasn't looking forward to it. I planned on getting a good nights sleep and tackling a new day at a new school in a new town, but first i decided to go down to the beach. I didn't have to walk very far and when I got there I was shocked at the beauty. There were no beaches were I came from, so this was beautiful to me. I just sat there by the shore and started to draw. It was getting late so I decided to head back to the house, and on the way there i bumped into this guy. "I am so sorry, I didn't see you there." I said foolishly. He replied, "It's okay, can I give you a hand?" "It's fine I live just over there anyway." "Let me walk you to your house, it's not a problem for me." I told him he could, he seemed nice enough. As we walked he said he went to the school I would be going to and we decided to walk together since he lived close by too. We arrived at my house, and he told me to have a good night. I was shocked because he was gorgeous. Those brown eyes, the messy dark brown hair, and the tan skin. I couldn't wait to see him again. As I crawled into bed I was just hoping he wouldn't think i'm weird and would become my friend, maybe more.
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