The Story Of My LiFE

The Story Of My Life ia about a person named Phoebe, who has moved to Brittanfrom austraila because hr mum passed away two day's after her 16th birthday. Phoebe isn't happy about moving until she reilses that one direction live in Brittan. She meets her new bestfriend on her first day at a new school. She meets the boys with her bestie and ends up getting and dating Niall Horan and becomes good freinds with Perrie Edwards.


57. The Honeymoon

Phoebe’s POV:

We just landed in Hawaii and checked into the hotel. We got to our room when Niall picked me up bridal style and got into the room and put me down on the bed. It was so romantic.  ‘’so what do you want to do now Mrs Horan?’’ Niall asked. ‘’How about I just show you Mr Horan’’ I replied. So I kissed him and pulled him onto the bed so he was lying on top of me. We both throughout a few moans and then one item at a time we took off each other than he was on top of me and we started thrusting. We both let a few more moans out. After we were finished we just laided there for a minute and then I put my head on his chest and wrapped my hands around him and he put his hand on my waist. ‘’Babe do you want a drink or a snack’’ Niall asked as he got out of bed and put boxers on. ‘’yes honey’’ I replied slipping my nighty on and underwear on. He got me a drink ‘’Pepsi Max or coke?’’ he asked. ‘’Pepsi Max’’ I replied. He walked over and gave me my drink and he walked over to the balconey. ‘’Honey come look at this’’ Niall said. ‘’What’s up’’ I replied looking outside. ‘’Wow that is beautiful’’ I said. We were looking at how beautiful the water was. ‘’do you wanna go for a swim?’’ he asked. ‘’Sure. Why not’’ I replied. So we both got changed into swimmers and headed down there. Niall didn’t care what time it was and he just jumped in the pool saying ‘’cannon bomb’’. I just laughed and dived into the pool. When I came up out the water ‘’do you know how beautiful you look?’’ he asked. ‘’no. so tell me’’ I replied. ‘’words cannot describe how you look’’ he said. ‘’I’m just perfect the way I am’’ I said. ‘’no, no, it is your perfect just the way you are’’ he said. I love his Irish accent. ‘’was I saying it wrong?’’ I asked. ‘’no. I’m meant to say it to you’’ he said and I just giggled and we kissed. We got out of the pool because it was cold and walked back to our room. He was holding my hand the entire time. It was 3am and we went to bed.

*the next day*

Niall’s POV:

I woke up this morning to the sunlight beaming through the window. It didn’t wake phoebe up because she was still sleeping. She just glowed. I kissed her forehead and called for room service. She woke up. ‘’Morning Mrs Horan’’ I said. ‘’Morning Mr Horan’’ she replied and we kissed. ‘’I ordered room service for us’’ I said. ‘’oh what did you order?’’ she asked. ‘’Pancakes, bacon and eggs and orange Juice’’ I replied. ‘’what if I wanted apple Juice?’’ she said being a smart ass. ‘’oh well I’ll by you apple juice later and you can apple juice tomorrow with breakfast’’ I replied. ‘’babe I was joking but I will take you up on that tomorrow but’’ she replied. ‘’you’re so cheeky’’ I said to her and she gave me cheeky look and then we both laughed. We heard a knock at the door so she went back to bed to get her robe because she in in her undies and bra. I opened the door. It was room service. ‘’here you go sir’’ ‘’thanks man’’ but before he walked away I gave him a tip. ‘’thanks sir’’ he replied and walked away. She came out and we ate breakfast. ‘’So what do you want to do today Boo Bear?’’ I asked her. ‘’Explore. There is meant to be a water fall somewhere’’ she replied. ‘’ok. We will finish breakfast and get changed and we will go’’ I said. ‘’ok. It’s a date then’’ she replied and giggled. We finished breakfast and got dressed and we let the room. We got a map and started to walk through the forest. It was lovely. Phoebe had the map and I just followed her. I loved it when she took the lead. She took photos of the surrounding and then she slipped down a small hill. ‘’PHOEBE’’ I said running over there dumping the bag which had a first aid kit and drinks. ‘’are you ok?’’ I asked. She just sat there laughing. ‘’yea I’m fine’’ she replied. ‘’are you hurt?’’ I asked. ‘’Niall I’m fine. I played soccer when I was little and injured myself all the time. Trust me I’m fine. I just need to get out of here’’ she said. ‘’ok I’ll get the rope out of the bag I’ll be back’’ I said. ‘’ok’’ she replied. ‘’Niall I found the waterfall’’ she said. ‘’ok that’s good’’ I said and went down there with the rope and bag and I saw the waterfall and then turned my attention to phoebe. I helped her up and we stripped because we wore our swimmers under out clothes and I was the first one in and then phoebe jumped in and swam to me. I splashed her and she splashed me back. We went under the waterfall and there was a cave so we sat there for abit and talked for a bit then we had a romantic moment then she pushed me into the water than I grabbed her ankle and dragged her in and then swam away from her so she tried to catch me and then we hopped out and got changed because we wanted to get back before it got dark we got out and started to walk back. I noticed Phoebe wasn’t walking Normally. ‘’Babe are you sure your ok?’’ I asked. ‘’yea I’m fine just have a sore back. I’m fine honey’’ she replied. ‘’ok’’ I replied back and we walked back to the hotel room. I had the first shower and then Phoebe because we were going down to the restaurant for tea.

Phoebe’s POV:

When we got back to the hotel and Niall went for the first shower I was sore and I looked down at my ankle and it was swollen from the fall so I put and ice pack on it and the swelling went down a bit then Niall came out so I quickly put the ice Pac in the freezer and went in for my shower. When I finished I looked at my back and I had a really bad graze from the fall and then I wrapped my ankle up. I wore long jeans to cover up my ankle and a nice shirt to dinner. We went down to the restaurant for tea. We left and Niall put his arm around my waist and his arm was on my graze. It hurt like hell but I put on a brave act. We were seated and were given menus. I knew what I wanted. ‘’what can I get you guys?’’ the lady said. ‘’can I please get a chicken salad with a glass of red wine’’ I said. ‘’and I’ll get steak medium rare and fries please with a beer’’ Niall said. ‘’ok won’t be too long’’ the waitress said. We just there talking until our meals came with drinks then we heard someone on the microphone say ‘’who is the first one up for Karoke?’’ ‘’I will’’ Niall said. So he got up and choose the song Far Away by Nickleback and he said ‘’this song goes out to my beautiful wife’’ and he started singing at the end of the song he called me up because it was my turn to have a go. I would do anything for him so I got up and choose the song Out of the blue by Delta Goodrem and then we sat down and had dessert and I had more wine and then we went back to the hotel room when I decided to get change in my sexy night and took the bandage off my ankle and it look like it got worse. When I came out Niall was already in bed so I climbed into bed and rolled on my side facing away from Niall, when he kissed my neck so I rolled over and we made out and then the next thing I knew we were thrusting and I was on top and I then laid down next to him when I put my head on his chest and he put his arm on my waist and I said ‘’ouch’’ by accident. ‘’what’s up babe?’’ he asked so I had to show him my back. ‘’is that the only thing you hurt on your fall today?’’ he asked. ‘’no also my ankle’’ I replied and showed him ‘’babe we need to get you to the doctors it looks bad’’ he replied so we got dressed and when I went to walk I fell down because it hurt so much. ‘’babe you should have told me about this today’’ Niall said. ‘’it’s not broken. I took a nursing course when I was in Australia before I moved here’’ I said. ‘’still we are going to the doctors tonight’’ he insisted so I leaned on him and we called a taxi and went to the doctors and sat down to wait we were the next one in. we got into the office and we Showed him my ankle. ‘’how did this happen?’’ he asked. ‘’we went to the water fall and I slipped down a hill’’ I said. ‘’right. Well nothing is broken just badly sprained. When you get back to your room put an ice pack on it and rest it. Let me fix up your bandage and you can go’’ the doctor said so he did that and we went. When we got back there I went on the bed and Niall got me an ice Pac and laid down on the bed with me and cuddled me and we turned on the TV and watched cartoons when I fell asleep.

*Three Days Later*

Phoebe’s POV:

When I woke up this morning to Niall kissing my forehead. ‘’Niall I’ve been in her for three days now can we go to the beach please?’’ I asked ‘’oh ok only if you can walk’’ he said so I took the bandage of and walked on it. It didn’t hurt as bad but I could walk. ‘’so can we Ni?’’ I asked. ‘’sure why not’’ he replied so I got changed into my bikini and he got changed into his board shorts. And we walked down to the beach and set up our towels and sat down for a bit. He looked so cute when he was laying sown with his sunnies on so I laid down on his chest and started reading a book. ‘’what book are your reading babe?’’ he asked. ‘’oh just some book my husband and his band wrote’’ I replied. ‘’oh ok is it good?’’ he asked. ‘’it’s alright I guess. I have read better books’’ I replied to him ‘’hmmm’’ he said. ‘’babe I’m kidding. Calm your farm’’ I replied. ‘’I am calm god. You always make things difficult’’ he said. ‘’oh really?’’ I replied. ‘’yea’’ he replied. ‘’oh ok then the next time we have a fight I’ll try not to drive away’’ I said. ‘’hey not fair’’ he replied. ‘’yea that’s right I win hahaha’’ I replied. ‘’oh ok I admit it beaten by my wife’’ he said. ‘’yea and you know it’’ I said and we both laughed. I put down the book and got Niall to go into the water with me and then we played beach volley ball with a couple of people and then we grabbed our things and went back to the hotel room where we spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies and cuddling.

*one week later*

Niall’s POV:

This is our last day on our honeymoon. It has been romantic, funny and painful. So today it was my turn to choose what we were going to do so I said ‘’hey babe let’s rent a boat and go into the ocean’’ ‘’sure’’ she replied so we rented a glass bottom boat and the water was beautiful. I miss my baby girl but I love spending time with Phoebe. We stopped at a place in the ocean and it was so beautiful. We grabbed our snorkelling equipment and we went snorkelling and then we went diving. The animals we could get so close too it was amzayn to do. When we got back on the boat it was 4pm and we had to go back. Tomorrow is when we leave here and then we have to go back to work and Lizbeth. So tonight we decided to go out into town then come back and pack. So we got back to the hotel and got changed to go out. We went to a shop and then we went to a restaurant than to a movies and then to the hotel to sleep and to do something’s.

*One Day Later*

Phoebe’s POV:

I’m sad we are leaving today but at the same time I’m happy to see my friends and my baby girl. I had a great time with just Niall and me. Our plane would leave in two hours so we had to leave. So we got our things and got in the taxi and headed to the airport. We waited to board our plane when we got there and I text Perrie saying ‘’we are just about to get on the plane be home in about 4 hours or 5 hours’’’ok. We’ll pick you up because we want to’’ Perrie replied. ‘’ok’’ I replied. And we got on the plane. We took our seats and I looked at Niall and he looked at me and said ‘’honey, when we get home Simon needs to talk to the boys and me’’ he said. ‘’only if you’re not going on another tour again. We just got married babe’’ I replied. ‘’we shouldn’t be going on one this time of year unless it is just a three month tour. But I cannot guarantee anything’’ he replied. ‘’I know Niall’’ I replied. He kissed my forehead and said ‘’you always understand everything. That is another thing I love about you’’. I just smiled and we took off. 4 hours later we landed in England, I looked out of the window. ‘’Babe we are going to need Paul or Preston’’ I said. ‘’why?’’ he asked. ‘’it is impossible to get out of here, look outside’’ I replied. So he looked outside and he called Paul. In a matter of minutes Paul showed up outside and we made a run for it. Perrie and Zayn were in the car. When I got in there Perrie tackled me and said ‘’hey baby girl’’. ‘’Hey Perrie’’ I said. She was choking me so tight. She soon released and said ‘’oh sorry’’ and I gasped for air. ‘’it’s ok Perrie’’ I replied. ‘’ok guys we’ll drop the girls off at Perrie’s and get the rest of the guys’’ Paul said. ‘’Umm. No. I’m sorry but I’m coming too’’ I said. Niall just sat there laughing. ‘’me either’’ Perrie said. ‘’what’s so funny Niall?’’ Paul said. ‘’nothing. Just that Phoebe is funny’’ he said. I gave him the look and I laughed. So we got the rest of the boys and went to Simon’s office. ‘’Hey guys and girls. Welcome back Niall and Phoebe’’ Simon said. ‘’thanks Uncle Simon’’ Niall said. ‘’ok. Well’’ Simon started to say before I cut him off. ‘’No the boys are not going on another tour yet’’ I said. Niall just laughed. ‘’ok Phoebe they are not going on tour but this Sunday the boys will be at a studio for 1D Day!’’ Simon said. ‘’What is 1D Day?’’ Perrie asked. ‘’It is where the boys spend 7 or 8 hours hosting a show to give back to their fans ‘’ Simon said. ‘’oh ok’’ I said. I think he thought I was going to chop his head off. ‘’anyway Niall why were you laughing?’’ Simon asked. ‘’that’s what I asked him in the car’’ Paul said. ‘’Phoebe’s reaction to going on tour’’ he replied. ‘’aha’’ Simon said. ‘’oh Simon congratulations on your unborn baby’’ I said. ‘’thanks Phoebe’’ he replied. ‘’huh?’’ the boys said. ‘’Simon is having a child he told me at our wedding’’ I said. ‘’oh ok’’ the boys replied. We went home and I opened the door Jackie answered the door and hugged me then I walked in and I saw my baby. I ran over to her and picked her. I gave her a big hug and kisses. ‘’I’ve missed you bubba’’ I said and then Niall walked in with the bags. ‘’thanks for the help babe’’ he said and looked up and dumped the bags on the floor and took Lizbeth from me and hugged her tight and gave her kisses. ‘’Daddy has missed you’’ he said. ‘’thanks Aunty Jackie for looking after Lizbeth for us’’ I said. ‘’No problem. Anything for my baby girl and her family’’ she replied giving me a kiss and a hug bye then said bye to Niall and Lizbeth. I helped her with her bags to the taxi. ‘’let me know when you land and your safe’’ I said. ‘’I will. Don’t worry about me I’m fine’’ she said waving bye. I cooked dinner and we just spent the rest of the time giving Lizbeth presents from us and we watched TV then went to bed.

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