The Story Of My LiFE

The Story Of My Life ia about a person named Phoebe, who has moved to Brittanfrom austraila because hr mum passed away two day's after her 16th birthday. Phoebe isn't happy about moving until she reilses that one direction live in Brittan. She meets her new bestfriend on her first day at a new school. She meets the boys with her bestie and ends up getting and dating Niall Horan and becomes good freinds with Perrie Edwards.


20. Phoebe!

Naill's POV:

I get to the hospital where Liam, Harry and Louis were there. They helped me get her out the car and onto a bed where the doctors took her onto a room and checked her Vitals and tests. ‘’did you call zayn and perrie?’’  Liam asked me. ‘’no because I want them to enjoy their honeymoon’’ I replied. ‘’but perrie is phoebe’s best friend. Wouldn’t phoebe want her and Zayn here?’’Louis said. ‘’I guess so’’ I relied and so I called Zayn and told and he said ‘’mate, why didn’t you tell me sooner. We are coming now''. They showed up with in 20 minuted. When they came I was crying. ‘’Niall, it will be fine man. She is strong’’ Zayn said. ‘’Thanks man’’ I replied. Perrie looked through the window and started to cry. So I hugged her followed by a group hug from the boys. 15 minutes later the doctor comes out and says ‘’who is her fionce?’’. ‘’I am is she alright?’’ I asked. ‘’She is stable, we need to more tests but she is in a coma. You need to try to wake her up’’ the doctor said. ‘’okay’’ I said trying to hold it together. I walked into the room and I sat down next to her and held her hand. ‘’Hey Boo it’s Ni, please wake up I love you. Perrie and the boys are here. I love you so much. Babe I need you so please wake up’’ I said crying. ‘’Hey bub. Its Perrie. I’m here for you so please wake up. Niall and I won’t leave I promise’’ Perrie said trying to help. One day passed ‘’Babe it’s Ni, please wake up, I’m still here and I won’t go anywhere I promise’’ I said. I heard the machine beep and the doctors rushed in ‘’you need to get out now’’. ‘’she is my fionce. I can’t leave her and I promised her I wouldn’t’’ I replied ‘’sir please’’ they said. Liam came in and dragged me out with the help of Harry. ‘Let go of me she is my fionce’’. I said when he got me out of the room ‘’Niall I know how much you love her but in order for her to get better the doctors need space’’ Liam said. ‘’Dude I just promised her that I would never let go’’ I said crying. ‘’I know Niall, but you want her to get better so you guys can plan your wedding right’’ liam said making a point. I shook my head yes. ‘’so the doctors need space to help her’’ Liam said making sense. ‘’Congratulations on your engament’’ Perrie and Zayn said.  ‘’Thanks’’ I replied. 10 minutes passed and the doctors came out and said ‘’she is stable, you guys can go in now’’’what about the tests?’’ I asked. ‘’we are still waiting for results’’ they replied. so I ran in there and held her hand ‘’Babe you gave us a heart attack. Now I need you to wake up please for me?’’ I asked her. Perrie and the boys came in and Perrie and I cried. Zayn hugged Perrie and Louis rubbed my back. Liam and Harry went out to get coffee. ‘’Baby I need you please ‘’ I said still trying to wake her up. ‘’Phoebe, wake up please Niall and your baby need you’’ Perrie said trying to help as well. I looked at her ‘’SHE’S PREGNANT AND NO ONE TOLD ME!!’’ I said being furious. ‘’yes but she wanted to tell you last night to make it special for you guys because she didn’t think you guys were doing anything. She thought you forgot’’ Perrie said defending herself and Phoebe. ‘’HOW COULD I EVER FORGET?’’ I said yelling. ‘’I don’t know she said you guys didn’t talk about it at all. Don’t yell at me and don’t yell in this room Phoebe could hear things’’ Perrie said. ‘’Niall chill, don’t talk to Perrie like that’’ Zayn said defending Perrie. ‘’CHILL? HOW CAN I CHILL WHEN SHJE IS IN A COMA AND THE PREGNANCY COULD HAVE CAUSED IT?’’ I said before walking out of the room. Harry and Louis came after me. ‘’Niall, it’s going to be ok. Look through the window. Do you see, Phoebe needs you so you need to calm down. Ok Niall’’ Harry said. ‘’Yes Harry but I love her so, so much. I need her and I don’t want to lose her’’ I said feeling mix emotions. ‘’Ni we know you are afraid, we are all are. But right now phoebe needs you to be strong for both her and the baby’’ Louis said. ‘’Ok’’ I replied and walked back into the room still mad at everything. ‘’babe I need you and I’m sorry for the way I acted before. I was just upset that you didn’t tell me. Is that what you wanted to tell me before you got I’ll?’’ I said to phoebe. ‘’Perrie how long have you known for?’’ I asked her. ‘’the day before my wedding’’ she replied. ‘’ok. That is why she looked pale and looked like she was going to pass out’’ I said trying to stay calm. Then I felt her squeeze my hand. ‘’Phoebe! Liam get the doctor. She is waking up’’ I said. She opened her big beautiful hazel green eyes and the first thing she said to me was ‘’Ni I’m pregnant’’. ‘’I know babe and I love you so, so much. I love you too the moon and back’’. I replied. ‘’aww thanks Ni. I love you to Ni’’ she said. She turned her head and looked at Perrie and said ‘’why are you not on your honeymoon? You should have stayed there’’ ‘’ no remember what you said at my wedding? You said that I always look out for you no matter what’’ Perrie replied. ‘’aww thanks hun’’ phoebe replied an fell back asleep. The doctors came in and checked her vitals and said ‘’she is just tired. Now Mr Horan can I talk to you for a minute?’’ ‘’sure’’ I replied s we walked out. ‘’Has she been under any stress lately? Because she is pregnant and her blood pressure was low. That is why she collapsed’’ the doctor said. ‘’not that I know of’’ I replied. ‘’ok she needs lots of bed rest and no stress. She can go home tomorrow morning’’ the doctor said. ‘’ok thanks so much doctor’’ I replied than went back in there. ‘’what did the doctor have to say Niall?’’ they all asked. ‘’she has been in a lot of stress and her blood pressure was low which is why she collapsed and stressing is not good for the baby’’ I replied. ‘’what was she stressed with?’’ they asked. ‘’I have no idea ‘’ I said.

Phoebe’s POV:

I don’t know what happened. The last thing I remember was that Niall and I got engaged, then blacked out. When I blacked out I could hear everything. I heard Niall being romantic and yelling at Perrie. ‘’Guys can I talk to Niall alone please?’’ the said ‘’sure’’. They left ‘’Ni when I was in my coma I could still hear things. I heard you be the cutie you are and then I heard you yelling at Perrie what was that for?’’ I asked him. ‘’When she was talking to you she said that you were pregnant and I was shocked. We’ll talk later. You are ill at the moment’’ he replied. ‘’Ni we need to talk about it now!’’ I said. ‘’BOO BEAR. Now is not the time ok’’ he replied. ‘’FINE but we need to talk about it at home’’ I said.

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