The Story Of My LiFE

The Story Of My Life ia about a person named Phoebe, who has moved to Brittanfrom austraila because hr mum passed away two day's after her 16th birthday. Phoebe isn't happy about moving until she reilses that one direction live in Brittan. She meets her new bestfriend on her first day at a new school. She meets the boys with her bestie and ends up getting and dating Niall Horan and becomes good freinds with Perrie Edwards.


59. oh Melissa

*One week later*

Niall’s POV:

We told everyone we were having another child and they were really happy and I was happy as well. Lizbeth is at my mums for two days because mum wanted to spend time with her and suggested that she stay there for two nights and we agreed so we went out with Melissa and Harry and we spending one night there while our house was getting sprayed for termites.  So we got there and it was 7pm and we went to the late session at the movies to see frozen. It was a good movie I must admit. And then we headed back to their house and Harry and I wanted to go to the shops to get some beer and Cruises for Melissa because Phoebe is pregnant so she cannot drink. I got a call from her ‘’whats up babe?’’ i asked. ‘’Niall where are you?’’ she asked. ‘’down town to get some drinks babe. We told you’’ I  replied. ‘’Come back we need you’’ She said ‘’what’s wrong’’ and then I heard her and Melissa scream. ‘’PHOEBE, PHOEBE, ANSWER’’ I said panicking and the the phone was disconnected I tired again and no answer. ‘’Harry try to call Melissa now. Something has happened’’ I said so he immediately rang Melissa ‘’she isn’t oicking up’’ he said so we forgot about the drinks and headed to Harry’s house. We were speeding and got pulled over by the cops. ‘’Sir do you know you were speeding?’’ he asked. ‘’yes I know but my Wife and his Girlfriend are in trouble on the other side of town we heard a scream and they are not picking up’’ I said ‘’ok I’ll call for back up’’ he said an we were off again

Phoebe’s POV:

When the boys left it was just Melissa and me and we just talked. Then we heard a noise and thought it was the boys because they like to play pranks on us so we said ‘’Niall and Harry if you’re trying to scare us it isn’t going to work’’ then we heard no reply so we went back to talking and then we heard the same noise again ‘’I mean it guys. Stop’’ I said. And still no reply so I called Niall and we didn’t hear his phone ring from outside ‘’whats up babe?’’ he asked. ‘’Niall where are you?’’ I asked. ‘’down town to get some drinks babe. We told you’’ he replied. ‘’Come back we need you’’ I said ‘’what’s wrong’’ he asked and then someone broke down the door and we screamed and I dropped the phone. ‘’Melissa RUN and call the cops’’ I said ‘’Phoebe come on’’ she said. ‘’run I can handle myself go’’ I replied. ‘’phoebe your pregnant so move it’’ she said but he came closer so I kicked him and he fell to the ground. So I got up and ran with her. We ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and he wasn’t coming so we thought he was still down on the floor but I’ve seen enough horror films to know that they are not dead. So we ran upstairs to get a phone to call for help. Then he followed us so mel grabbed the phone and I punched him out of the way and we ran downstairs to go out the door when mel tripped down the stairs. I helped her up when ‘’Phoebe behind you’’ she said so I turned around but not quick enough and he knocked me through the door. ‘’Phoebe’’ I heard and that was it.

Melissa’s POV:

I still couldn’t call for help and when phoebe got knocked out I grabbed the knife and cut his knee and he fell out of the other Window. I than ran out to Phoebe and woke her up and called the cops. We than ran inside to grabbed the keys and when we turned around he was gone. ‘’where did he go?’’ I asked. ‘’I don’t know but stay close to me’’ Pheobe replied. So I did and he came from behind and grabbed me and pushed me onto the floor and I landed on some glass. I than looked up at Phoebe and she was kicking his ass then he grabbed the knife and stated swinging it around at her but she ducked and I called the cops. He was on the floor.

Phoebe’s POV:

I knocked him onto the floor and took of his mask and it was Luke. ‘’LUKE’’ I said in shock and I ran to get the first aid kit out of the lounge room draw to find the first aid kit to fix up her leg when I felt someone behind me I turned around a little too late and Luke punched my face and I tried to kick him which I managed to do. ‘’Luke why. Why do this?’’ I asked him. ‘’if I can’t have you no one can’’ he replied. ‘’then let Melissa go and just take me’’ I said. ‘’no she is a witness’’ he replied. ‘’Phoebe is pregnant you moron’’ Melissa said. ‘’SHUT UP. I DON’T CARE’’ he replied and punched Melissa that is when I tried to get up and run towards the door but he caught up to me and pushed me down so I would hit wall and door and then I saw him with the knife and he stabbed my shoulder. After that I kicked the knife out of his hand and by this time I lost a lot of blood because I fell onto glass and I just got stabbed in the shoulder. I kicked him and headed to walk towards the door again when he got up and kicked me down onto the glass on the floor. I looked down but he missed the baby and hit my side. I than laid down on the floor feeling helpless and that is when Melissa grabbed the lamp and hit him over the head with it but he didn’t fall onto the ground he turned around and stabbed Melissa. I tried to get up to help her but I fell. So I dragged myself over there to help her but I was too late. I grabbed the gun from her top draw and shot him and he fell to the ground and then as I got closer I she him in the head. After that I went to go drag Melissa to the door which I almost managed then I heard sirens and I dragged myself to the door. I saw Niall and I passed out.

Niall’s POV:

When we got to the house we were two late. I Harry and I ran into the house. He ran straight to Melissa who was in a pool of blood and I ran to phoebe that was also in a pool of blood. I moved her out of the door way and rolled her over. I looked up at harry and he was crying. I looked down at Phoebe and she kind of opened her eyes and said ‘’Niall I love you’’ and then shut her eyes. ‘’PHOEBE’’ I said crying calling her name and harry said ‘’Melissa please wake up. Honey I love you’’ and he looked over at the other body ‘’Niall it is Luke. Luke is the killer’’ harry said before the paramedics came in and went to Melissa first. Because she looked worse and then an another set of paramedics came to Phoebe’s aid. ‘’I’ve still got a pulse’’ one of the Paramedic said. ‘’she is one week Pregnant’’ I said. ‘’right. Well she has lost a lot of blood to begin with but doesn’t look like she has hit the baby’ s sac’’ they replied and rushed her too hospital.  She looked really bad. She had bruises on her face and arms and was covered in blood.

Harry’s POV:

I ran as fast as I could. I saw Phoebe and I was about to check on her and then I saw Melissa and ran. When I got there she looked worse than Phoebe. The paramedics went to Phoebe first but Niall sent them over here first. ‘’she isn’t breathing’’ one of them said and the other tried to perform CPR. I looked over at the body and it was Luke. I looked over at Phoebe and she looked bad as well but not breathing either. I then looked at Niall and he had really bad pain in his eyes. The another set of Paramedics came in and looked at phoebe. They lifted up her shirt to check her stomach and I felt bad that I didn’t help her after all she was one week pregnant. We shouldn’t have left. They rushed both Melissa and Phoebe to the hospital and Niall and I followed in his car. We got there and we asked about Melissa and Phoebe. ‘’I’m sorry but one of them didn’t make it. I don’t know who but I think it was one that was pregnant’’ I looked at Niall and he was so shocked. He put his head in his hands and cried. ‘’what about the other one?’’ I asked. ‘’in surgery’’ she replied so I hugged Niall and we waited in the waiting room. Three hours passed and they came out. ‘’Mr Horan?’’ a doctor asked he looked up and said ‘’Mrs Horan is out of surgery and will be fine’’ he said. ‘’but the nurse told me she died’’ Niall said. ‘’No, the other lady died before we could do any surgery’’ the doctor said.’’ Thanks doc’’ Niall said. I cannot believe that I lost Melissa

Niall’s POV:

It was good news to hear that Phoebe and the baby are alright but I looked over at Harry and he was destroyed. I walked over there and hugged him while he cried then we saw Perrie and Zayn came through the door and I told them about Melissa and they were sad and hugged Harry. I felt so bad for him but I was over the moon that Phoebe was still here. We walked over to the room and looked through the window and saw how bad Phoebe looked. I walked in and sat next to her. ‘’hey honey. It’s Niall. I’m sorry we left you but you did out up a good fight. The baby is alright I just need you to wake up. Perrie and Zayn are here too’’ I said and a few minutes later she opened her eyes ‘’hey Niall’’ she said. ‘’Hey baby’’ I replied. ‘’How is Melissa and the baby?’’ she asked. ‘’the baby is fine but Melissa didn’t make it’’ I replied she cried. ‘’where is Harry?’’ she asked ‘’outside I’ll get him’’ I replied so I got Harry and he went in and they hugged.

Phoebe’s POV:

’Harry I’m so sorry about Melissa. It’s all my fault’’ I said. ‘’how is it your fault Phoebe?’’ Harry asked. Niall was listening. ‘’because Luke was the intruder and this all happened because of me’’ I said crying feeling bad. ‘’Phoebe it isn’t your fault. You tried to defend yourself and Melissa. Luke was just a strange person’’ Harry said. ‘’he said if h couldn’t have me no one could and that is when Melissa got the lamp and hit him over the head’’ I said. ‘’you shouldn’t feel terrible you did the best you could and Melissa wouldn’t want you to feel bad. I should feel bad because I ran inside and saw you in the pool of blood and I went straight pass you to Melissa. You are one week pregnant. When I saw them checking your stomach I felt bad because you were pregnant and I only cared about Melissa’’ Harry said. ‘’Harry Melissa is/was your girlfriend so you had to do what was right. Before I passed out I saw Niall running and then I passed out so I knew I would be fine. I forgive you’’ I said to Harry and we hugged. I had to go the bathroom so I got up out of bed and fell over. Niall and Harry helped me up. ‘’Phoebe you need to stay in bed you just had surgery’’ Niall said. ‘’Niall. I am week pregnant and I have to go pee. I have a growing foetus inside me pushing on my bladder. When I have to go I have to go’’ I said giving him the explanation. ‘’ok next time let us help you’’ Harry said. ‘’ok’’ I replied and walked to the bathroom. I finished and I looked in the mirror and saw how bad my face. I put my head in my hands and cried. It was my fault that she died I kept thinking to myself then I heard a knock on the door. ‘’I’ll be right out’’ I said whipping away tears and blowing my noise. ‘’babe it’s alright to cry in front of people’’ Niall said. I opened the door and said ‘’I’m fine I’m not crying’’ I replied and he just looked at me and helped me walk to bed. I cannot wait to go home.

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