The Story Of My LiFE

The Story Of My Life ia about a person named Phoebe, who has moved to Brittanfrom austraila because hr mum passed away two day's after her 16th birthday. Phoebe isn't happy about moving until she reilses that one direction live in Brittan. She meets her new bestfriend on her first day at a new school. She meets the boys with her bestie and ends up getting and dating Niall Horan and becomes good freinds with Perrie Edwards.


31. Niall being cute again

*the next day*

Phoebe's POV:

the next day I woke up and saw Niall asleep on the couch curled up in a ball with a blanket over him. I turned to the other side of me and saw Lizbeth. I need to go to the bathroom and I tried not to wake Niall up so as I walked to the bathroom I kicked the wheel under my bed. "Ow, you stupid bitch" I mumbled under my breath. I hoped that it didn't wake Niall up but it did. "Are you ok Phoebe?" He asked. "Yea! I'm just being my clumsy self" I replied. "You are not clumsy Boo" he said. "Ok" I replied. I walked to the bathroom and when I came out the room was crowded. There was Harry, Liam, Louis, Eleanor, Danielle and Taylor. I could tell Niall felt it was too crowded. "Boo, I'll be back I'm just going for a walk" he said. "Ok Ni" I replied.

Niall's POV:

I had to get out of the room it was too crowded so I decided to go to the shops. I brought a pink blanket that says "Lizbeth Anne Horan" and a teddy bear saying " my daddy is Niall Horan". I also got phoebe chocolates and flowers. I walked back to the room and I wasn't that crowded. There was Liam, Harry and Louis. I walked into the room when phoebe said" Niall what is all this?". " this blanket and teddy bear is for Lizbeth and these flowers and chocolate are for you" i replied. "But why?" She said. "Because he wants to show you how much he loves you" Harry said. "Also he is trying to make it up to you for him leaving you with a little newborn baby for 5 and a half months" Louis also said. "Aw, Niall you don't have to prove anything to me. I know you love me. It is your job" I said. "But I love you and Lizbeth so much" he replied. "And we Love you too" I said and kissed him while he hugged me.

Phoebe's POV: 

after Niall brought Lizbeth and I things perrie came in with hunter and Zayn. I got to hold my godchild and Perrie got to hold her godchild. An hour later we went home. Perrie and Zayn went to their house and Niall and I went to ours. When Niall and I got home Niall carried the baby inside and I grabbed the bag. We got to the door and i  just dropped the bag on the floor. We walked upstairs and put Lizbeth down in her cot. When she went to sleep and Niall and I went downstairs. We sat down on the lounge and i curled up o Niall and he put his arm around me and we watched a movie.

Perrie's POV:

Zayn and I walked in the the door with Hunter and put him down in bed. Zayn and I went downstair to spend some time together before he and the boys go back on tour. ''Babe, i will call everyday and every chance I can, and I tell you where we are so yo know that we are safe'' Zayn said. ''Babe. I know but we sholdn't talk about it. Babe I know what you will do so you don't have to worry about it. I love you so much'' i replied. ''I love you too'' he replied as we both cuddled on the lounge and whatched a movie.

*the next day*

It was the morning that the bos were going again. I wanted to pick Phoebe and Niall up so we could go together and Phoebe and i could come back together, with our newborn babies. Zayn went up to get Hunter and i put his bags in the car. he came out and we went to go get Niall and Phoebe.

Phoebe's POV:

Before Perrie, Zayn and Hunter came to get Niall, Lizbeth and I Niall said ''Boo Bear can i take a photo with the two most beautiful people in my life?''. ''You know I hate photo's Niall'' i replied. ''I know Babe, but if i take a photo of you and her i will wake up every orning looking at you too because you tow will me by background on every electronic I take'' He replied. ''Ok but only if you are in the photo and we take one on my phone as well'' I said in agreement. ''Deal'' He replied. So we took the photos and went out the door when we heard Periie honk the horn. On the way to the airport we picked Louis. 30 minutes later we gotto the airport and Harry and Liam were not there. when we got to the terminal Louis wanted a photo with his god children, that is when Harry and Liam showed up. ''sorry were late guys, the taxi ran late'' they both said. ''It's all good'' we replied. Before they boarded the plane Zayn and Niall said bye to their children and to us. Perrie and I both cried as they were hugging us and they both said ''we will be back soon''. Then they got on the plane. When the plane left i had to change Lizbeth's nappie and we went.

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