The Story Of My LiFE

The Story Of My Life ia about a person named Phoebe, who has moved to Brittanfrom austraila because hr mum passed away two day's after her 16th birthday. Phoebe isn't happy about moving until she reilses that one direction live in Brittan. She meets her new bestfriend on her first day at a new school. She meets the boys with her bestie and ends up getting and dating Niall Horan and becomes good freinds with Perrie Edwards.


37. Chapter 37.

Niall’s POV:

I grabbed Lizbeth and Phoebe grabbed her bag and we hopped in the car. We listened to the radio and Bonjovi’s Living on a Prayer was on. Phoebe and I started singing and we sound really good together. A few other songs came on as well and we sung them. We got to Mum’s and she heard the car and was waiting outside. ‘’My Baby Boy’’ mum said. ‘’Hello mum’’ I replied. Phoebe hopped out of the car with Lizbeth. ‘’Hello Phoebe’’ she said. ‘’Hi Maura’’ Phoebe replied. My mum and Phoebe get along pretty well. We went inside for a bit and Greg was there. ‘’Hey Bro. long-time no see’’ he said. ‘’Hey Greg. I know right. How is Denise and Theo?’’ I asked him. ‘’They are good. So where is my future sister – in –law and my beautiful niece’’ he said. ‘’Here we are’’ Phoebe replied. ‘’Hey Phoebe, you look nice’’ he said. ‘’thanks Greg’’ she replied. This is what I love about Phoebe and my family they get along really well. I know some couples who don’t get along with their families. ‘’Mum thanks for mind Lizbeth for us’’ I said. ‘’no problem have a good night’’ she replied. ‘’thanks Maura’’ phoebe said ‘’call me mum dear’’ my mum replied.

Phoebe’s POV:

After we dropped Lizbeth off at mum’s we headed back to Zayn and Perrie’s. We got there at six. ‘’hey guys. Come in’’ Zayn said so we walked in and saw the others. We got there and then decided what we were going to do. ‘’So what is the plan for tonight lads and Girls?’’ Harry said. ‘’Watch the Hunger games that start at 6:45pm then to the club to go clubbing?’’ Louis and Zayn said. ‘’Sure’’ we all agreed. We all went in one car which was Zayn’s and Perrie’s Black SUV. We got to the cinema about to minutes before the movie started. We got out of the car and headed into the movies. We brought our tickets and food and drink, when we saw a group of fans. ‘’Can we take a photo with the boys?’’ they asked. ‘’Sure’’ we replied. ‘’No you girls in it to. Your with the boys so we love you too’’ one of the fans said. ‘’Sure’’ everyone said but me. ‘’Come on Phoebe’’ The boys said ‘’I don’t like photo’s’’ I replied. ‘’Please Babe. Just for the girls?’’ Niall said. ‘’Ok’’ I said so I jumped into the photo. When the photo was over the girls said ‘’thank you’’. We waited in line and went into the theatre. The movie was about to start when Eleanor went to the bathroom. I saw her run out so I went after her.

Eleanor’s POV:

I had to run to the bathroom because I felt sick. I heard Phoebe’s voice. ‘’El, are you ok?’’ she asked. ‘’Yea just a bit of morning sickness’’ I replied. ‘’Wait! What? Are you pregnant?’’ she asked. ‘’Yea. I found out this morning’’ I replied. ‘’have you told Louis yet?’’ she asked. ‘’No’’ I replied. ‘’You should tell him soon. Look what happen when Niall found out from someone else that i was pregnant with Lizbeth. Not that he is like that’’ she said. ‘’I will, tonight’’ I replied walking out of the stall. ‘’Ok. Let’s go back before the ad’s are over’’ she replied. ‘’agreed’’ I replied. We walked out and saw the paps. ‘’oh no’’ Phoebe said. ‘’what?’’ I said. ‘’over there’’ she replied. ‘’oh no’’ as I looked we ran to the cinema. When we got there we were puffed out and the ad’s have just finished.

Phoebe’s POV:

‘’why are you puffed Boo?’’ Niall asked. ‘’we thought we were going to miss the movie’’ I lied so he wouldn’t worry. ‘’ok’’ he replied. The movie started and Niall and I hugged because it was couples night tonight. The movie finished at 8:45pm and that is when I told the boys ‘’hey guys we can’t go out there yet!’’ ‘’ Why?’’ they asked. ‘’The Paps are outside that’s why Phoebe and I were puffed out before’’ Eleanor said jumping in. ‘’You could have told us’’ Niall said. ‘’we didn’t want to ruin the movie’’ I said. ‘’oh ok then’’ he replied. Harry stuck his head out of the door. ‘’how do they know we are here?’’ Louis asked. ‘’Maybe because of the pic from before’’ Perrie said. ‘’I’m calling Paul to help us out’’ Liam said. Minutes later. ‘’he is on his way’’ Liam said. ‘’Ok’’ Harry said. 10 minutes later we heard Paul come in and get us out. (Paul is one of one direction’s Bodyguards). We made our way outside and ran for Perrie’s car. We got in there and Paul was following us. We pulled over.

Niall’s POV:

We pulled over so we could talk to Paul. ‘’Paul do you know why they were there?’’ Harry asked. ‘’On the news they saw a fan take a photo of all of you guys and tagged where you were’’ he replied. ‘’Ok. We are going to the club’’ I said. ‘’ok. I’ll watch to keep you 10 safe’’ he said.

Phoebe’s POV:

So we drove down to the club. There was a line up outside so we covered our heads and the guards lets us in. we got inside about 9pm. we took shots. Louis, Liam, Perrie, Melissa, Harry and I had Smirnoff when Niall, Zayn and Danielle had beer. El had water. After Louis, Liam, Perrie, Melissa, Harry and I had our second Smirnoff Niall, Zayn and Danielle had some Smirnoff as well. The girls and I got up and started to dance while the boys just watched us. After about 10 minutes the boys joined us. We had more to drink up to the point that we slurred out words and I kept falling. ‘’there is no way that we are going to my parents’ house like this so I’ll call my mum and see if we can Pick Lizbeth up tomorrow’’ Niall Yelled over the music and walked of. ‘’I’m going to sit down for a while’’ I said shouting over the music to the guys. ‘’ok’’ the yelled. I sat down because I could feel a headache coming on and I feel dizzy to. I searched my bag for panadol and found some. After I took the panadol I felt better. ‘’Are you ok Phoebe?’’ Paul asked. ‘’Yea I’m fine’’ I replied and went back onto the dance floor with another drink. ‘’Mum said it’s fine’’ Niall yelled over the music coming back. ‘’Good’’ I repleied and we continued dancing. Then a song and it was a slow song so we all slow danced. We lost track of time and it was 3am when we left. El drove us to Perrie’s house and then Paul drove Niall and Me home. After Paul dropped us off drunk as hell I tripped of the little step and Niall catched me. ‘’This is what I love about you. Your clumsiness. I love you’’ he said. ‘’thanks babe’’I said. We got inside and Niall and I got it on. Then we went to sleep.

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