The Story Of My LiFE

The Story Of My Life ia about a person named Phoebe, who has moved to Brittanfrom austraila because hr mum passed away two day's after her 16th birthday. Phoebe isn't happy about moving until she reilses that one direction live in Brittan. She meets her new bestfriend on her first day at a new school. She meets the boys with her bestie and ends up getting and dating Niall Horan and becomes good freinds with Perrie Edwards.


54. almost organised

Niall’s POV:

Today Phoebe and I woke up got dressed and met Perrie and Greg at her café at 11am to talk about the wedding and get things organised as well as help Phoebe create a café menu. So I packed Lizbeth’s rocker in the car and Phoebe grabbed Lizbeth and the nappie bag and got in the car and went. Before we went to the café Phoebe wanted to run into wall-mart and get some decorating things so we could make invites for the wedding and menu’s for her café. We got to the café and met Perrie and Greg. I unlocked the door and let them in while Phoebe got the things for the wedding invites and menu’s and the rocker and I got Liz. We got inside phoebe setted up the rocker and I put Liz in it then she put the things on the table ‘’ok guys what are we doing first. The wedding or café?’’ Perrie asked. ‘’Wedding definitely’’ Greg and I said. Before we did that Phoebe asked ‘’does anyone want coffee or anything like that?’’. ‘’I’ll have a cuppachino’’ Perrie said. ‘’Flat white please’’ Greg asked. ‘’Vanilla Milkshake please love’’ I said. ‘’ok’’ she replied. She made the drinks and handed them out. ‘’Perrie and Greg are in charge of the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen schedule and Niall and I with choose the flowers, place and ect’’ Phoebe said. ‘’ok’’ we all replied. So Phoebe pulled out some wedding books and we looked at them. ‘’I want to have Cymbidium Orchid for the Bridal Bouquet with a little horse shoe on the front , Bridesmaids and Flower girls, for the centrepieces are yellow tulips. The flowers for the church would be similar to mine but different. Niall you can choose the ones for you and your Groomsmen’s suits’’ Phoebe said. ‘’Yea ma’am’’ I replied being a smart ass. We then decided in what our invites would be. We both agreed for an autumn theme with a cute photo of us. So we went through the photos with Perrie and Greg on my laptop. ‘’I like this one’’ Perrie and Greg both said. It was the photo of Niall and me on our first anniversary. ‘’only because you can the love between the two of’’ Perrie said. ‘’I agree’’ Greg said. So we decided to go with that one. Phoebe and I looked at each other and kissed. ‘’see like that. That is what the photo should say about you’’ Greg said. After we organised the flowers for the bride, bridesmaids, maid of honour, flower girls, the arch, centrepieces, ect we started on phoebe’s menu. ‘’I personally think that you should put your sandwiches on their they are delish as well as your muffins, cookies, scones, ect’’ I said. ‘’you think?’’ she replied. ‘’yea I do’’ I replied. ‘’you should also put your pumpkin soup on their two with your veggie soup’’ Perrie said. ‘’also put on their BLT sandwiches, your cakes, dounuts, croissants, your caramel slices, stuff that other cafes have’’ Greg said. ‘’ok the menu is sorted’’ we said. We looked at the time and it was 2pm. ‘’ok guys thanks for helping us. We have an appointment to choose the reception and the ceremony place for the wedding’’ I said. ‘’do you want us to come as well?’’ Perrie said. ‘’Yes Please’’ Phoebe replied. So we grabbed Liz and got into the after I looked the café door. We got to the first place there was a beach that we could have our wedding on and if it rained we could have it inside  St. Andrews Cathedral Stirling Street ‘’I like this one’’ the girls said. ‘’it would be romantic to get married on the beach’’ Greg said. ‘’but it would also be amzayn inside as well because there is a big window that we can see the ocean’’ Phoebe said. ‘’I agree with Phoebe plus we can take photos on the beach after woods’’ I said. ‘’ok. It will be done here and the reception can be at Stirling Gardens Restaurant Hyatt Hotel England phoebe said and I agreed with everything she said so we booked it for the 10th of May which was in two months. Then we went to a bakery to look at some wedding cakes and Greg and Perrie came as well. ‘’I like this one’’ I said. Which had three circle layers, with some pink flowers on it. ‘’I like it as well what do you guys think’’ Phoebe said. ‘’perfect’’ Perrie and Greg said. ‘’we will like this one for the 10th May  please’’ Phoebe said. ‘’sure thing and what flavour did you want it?’’ the lady asked. ‘’Vanilla please’’ I said. ‘’very well. How many people?’’ she asked ‘’not sure at the moment but we will tell you at the end of the week’’ I said. ‘’ok. Thanks for choosing us’’ she said. ‘’not a worry’’ we said then left. It was the 4pm and we all went home. When we got home Phoebe put Liz down in bed and we worked on what we would say on the wedding invite. ‘’what about.

Phoebe Cooper


Niall Horan

request the pleasure of the company of


on the occasion of their marriage

to be celebrated at

4.30pm at

St. Andrews Cathedral

Stirling Street


Reception 5:45pm at

 Stirling Gardens Restaurant

Hyatt Hotel England

Dress: Black Tie

R.S.V.P. please by 10th April, 2014

0466779455 (Phoebe)

0455123657 (Niall)

’Perfect babe’’ I said. So we printed out the Wedding Invites and Posted them into the post office letter box. ‘’so now that is the ceremony, reception, cake, flowers and invites done’’ I said. ‘’yea but we still have to book rooms for the guests at the hotel. I still need my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses. You and your groomsmen need suits and Theo and Taylor need little suits as well. Then there is the food, our honey moon, photographer, caterers, persist, register, marriage certificate which we get later, cars, ect’’ when I kissed her and cutting her off. We broke out of the kiss and started looking in the yellow pages or photographers when I remembered we have our own photographers and Louise who can do hair and make up for the girls. ‘’Done’’ I said. ‘’what do you mean?’’ she replied. ‘’honey, we have a personal stylist, photographers and when we went on tour we had Sarah’s Kitchen which is a catering place’’ I said. ‘’oh yea’’ she replied. ‘’so now that makes it the ceremony, reception, cake, flowers and invites done, stylist, photographers and caterer’’ I said. ‘’I love you’’ she said. ‘’I know I’m amzayn right’’ I aid. ‘’yes you are’’ she replied. ‘’we can organise our honey moon tomorrow, food, cars, ect’’ I said. ‘’ok babe’’ she replied.

Phoebe’s POV:

Finally we are getting somewhere with the wedding. We now have the ceremony, reception, cake, flowers and invites done, stylist, photographers and caterer.

*the next day*

Phoebe’s POV:

Today at 11am we have an appointment with the carters, Dj, Travel agency, we look at rings, Post the invites, Perrie takes me and the bridesmaids to get their  dresses and I want to show them mine, Perrie and I were going to book a spa treatment for Cassie, Danielle, Melissa, El, Perrie and me. I was going to pay for everything that we had and later today Niall and I have an appointment with the photographer and I had an appointment with Louise. Then the limos. Perrie is planning my bachelorette party. Before Niall and I left we wanted our first dance song would be A thousand Years. My song I wanted to be with Mike was Butterfly kisses. His mother/son dance song would be Time of your life and our last song would be Faith and we didn’t care what other songs he would be playing as long as there were some Irish songs. We left to go to the carters and talk about the food. We dropped Liz off at Niall’s Mums house and then went to the carters. ‘’Hello Niall. Nice to see you again’’ Sarah said. ‘’Hey Sarah you too’’ ‘’is this your lovely fiancé?’’ she asked ‘yes phoebe Sarah, Sarah Phoebe’’ he said introducing us ‘’Nice to meet you Phoebe’’ she said ‘’nice to meet you two’’ I replied. We sat down and talked with her. ‘’any ideas on what type of food you would like?’’ Sarah asked. ‘’we have no idea’’ Niall said ‘’ok. How about for the main course the guests can choose between either Roast Lamb with vegetables and gravy or Italian Stuffed Turkey Tenderloin. Appetiser could be Spring Rolls with sweet chilli sauce and Pigs In A Blanket’’ Sarah suggested. ‘’there will also be kids there two’’ I said. ‘’not a problem, they can have nuggets and chips or cheeseburgers and chips’’ Sarah also suggested. ‘’sounds good’’ we replied. So she went to prepare a mini something of it wold taste like. She came back and we tasted things. ‘’this is good’’ Niall said. ‘’so you want what we decided?’’ Sarah asked. ‘’Yes please’’ Niall replied. ‘’ok how many people roughly?’’ Sarah asked. ‘’around 30-35 people’’ Niall replied. ‘’ok. When people tell you what they want just let us know’’ ’we will thanks Sarah’’ I said and we left. we went to the travel agency to plan our Honey Moon.Both Niall and i wanted to go to Hawii and were able to get a room for three weeks. Now we went off to see the DJ. We walked in there and he turned around. ‘’Luke’’ I said. ‘’Hi phoebe. I’m the DJ’’ he said. ‘’ohk. We have a few set songs and we don’t mind what you play’’ Niall said. ‘’Cool just leave the list their’’ he said. ‘’ok thanks Luke’’ I said. ‘’anything for you Phoebe’’ he replied and we walked out. Then we went to get our Wedding Rings and they were Gold. We also go inscriptions but in them saying ‘’you’re the love of my life’’ in mine and ‘’ Your my one and only’’ in Niall’s. we then posted the invites and menus out than he dropped me off at Perrie’s. ‘’hey girl. How did everything go?’’ she asked. ‘’really good’’ I replied then we left and got the girls except for Cassie because she is in Australia but I know her size and she will be here a week before the wedding same with Jackie. We got to a store and we looked around and I saw the perfect dresses for them. A one shoulder flowing long dress peachy colour and they all liked it so that is what they got. I showed them my Wedding dress I wanted which was a strapless dress with a few sliver beads on the side and it was not as big as a ball gown. Then we booked a spa treatment for everyone. We then went to look at shoes. We saw these cute silver shoes with a bit of bling on them for me and the girls saw light pink sparkly shoes so we got them. Perrie dropped me home when Niall just got home with his suit. ‘’hey babe’’ he said. ‘’hey Ni’’ I said. ‘’are you feeling ok?’’ he asked. ‘’yea just a bit tired. Why?’’ I asked. ‘’you look tired’’ he said. ‘’so what your telling me that I look like shit?’’ I said mucking around. ‘’no that isn’t what I meant’’ he replied. ‘’Niall I was joking. I know babe’’ I replied. He put his suit in the wardrobe and we meet the photographer. ‘’hey guys. I’m Michael’’ he said. ‘’Hello. I’m Niall Horan and this Is phoebe Cooper my future wife’’ he replied. ‘’nice to meet you guys’’ he said. We sat down. ‘’so what type of photo’s do you want taken?’’ he asked. ‘’um. Like you do for weddings’’ Niall said. ‘’ok then’’ he said and we left and went home. It was 6pm when we got home. I had a headache and laid down and I fell asleep.

Niall’s POV:

We got home and Phoebe laid down and went to sleep. It’s probably the of organising everything for the wedding. So I went to pick Phoebe up from mums and got back and got myself some salad then put Liz to bed and went to bed myself.

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