The Story Of My LiFE

The Story Of My Life ia about a person named Phoebe, who has moved to Brittanfrom austraila because hr mum passed away two day's after her 16th birthday. Phoebe isn't happy about moving until she reilses that one direction live in Brittan. She meets her new bestfriend on her first day at a new school. She meets the boys with her bestie and ends up getting and dating Niall Horan and becomes good freinds with Perrie Edwards.


58. 1D Day

*Three Days Later*

Niall’s POV:

I cannot still get over the reaction of phoebe thinking we were going on tour. But Today Liam, Danielle, Taylor, Louis, Eleanor, the twins, Harry, Melissa, Zayn, Perrie, Hunter, Phoebe, Lizbeth, Paul and Preston were on a plane headed to LA for 1D Day. We arrived at the airport and got into the car and got to the studio and got out of the car and went into the studio. For the first hour we all were the hosts and the second hour was Liam and Harry. The Third hour was Louis and me. The Fourth hour was Liam and Zayn. The Fifth hour was Harry and me. The sixth hour was Zayn and Louis the seventh hour was all of us. When it started Phoebe had to hold Lizbeth because Lizbeth can walk now and only wants her daddy at the moment, but Phoebe managed to calm Liz down for the hour. We tried the first Genius world record attempt which was stacking toilet paper rolls and I sat out of that one but we failed. Then the second hour came up and I held Liz for a bit then we put her in her Pram she fell asleep while we coloured my hair Lilac for the fans because they were asking about Lilac Niall and then I had a shower cap on top of it before Louis and I went on. When it was time for Louis and me to on stage we ran into the banner and fell to the ground which really hurt a lot and then we got up and I could see Phoebe laughing when we fell and then we reviled my hair. We talked for a bit to Stan and other guests and then we rolled the vt of talk dirty. We then did on world record attempt which was to balance as many coins as we could on our faces for a minute and it was hard. We ended up failing it anyway. We were all laughing and then when it finished we did some dance move and started singing when Louis said the wrong words and the Zayn and Liam came rolling on with skateboards. Zayn was a natural at riding the skate board and Liam sucked. Their Genius world record was to pop balloons in on minute and they were making a mess. Liz then woke up and I hugged her and gave her a toy to play with so she would be quiet and then we went outside to see Liam wrestle a famous wrestler. We all feared for him especially Danielle. But he won and was fine and then it was Harry and my turn so we went on. We talked to some people and showed the VT of Harry vs Sarah’s cooking challenge. Then Harry tried to make Pottery and it was funny. Then it was Zayn and Louis hour and their world record attempt was to put as many shirts as they can one a person. Unfortunately they failed that as well. Then they played a ninja dagger game and Zayn won and we all just laughed at the noise Louis made. The seventh hour was all of us. We performed story of my life and little things today as well as play some of our new songs from our new albums Midnight Memories. Then we talked to Simon and his wife when Lizbeth decided to walk onto the set and come to me. Phoebe looked in the pram and I forgot to do her belt up. ‘’well everyone this is Lizbeth my daughter’’ I said as I picked her up to go off stage but then Phoebe came to get her ‘’and this is my wonder wife Phoebe everybody’’ she waved and then ran off stage with Liz. ‘’she is abit shy’’ I said and the crowd went ‘’aww’’. Then Jerry Springer came on and told everyone that Louis is his grandson. We then played games and it was funny how we had to try to guess who the toddlers were trying to described and they said ‘’he has colour on his arm’’ we all laughed and then they said they don’t like Harry. We all laughed again. When the whole day finished I said ‘’you are daddy’s child’’ to Lizbeth. Phoebe just shocked her head and we left to go home.

Phoebe’s POV:

Today has been a really good day for the boys and us as well. They are really good hosts. I especially laughed at Niall’s laugh and everything that was funny. When we got home we put Lizbeth down in bed and she slept ‘’she learned that habit from you, you know’’ I said to Niall ‘’what habit?’’ he asked. ‘’sneaking out of places’’ I replied ‘’yea that is true’’ he replied and we kissed and then he went to bed while I did some washing. I then rshed to the bathroom because I was going to be sick. I then pulled out a pregnancy test that I had in the draw and it came up as positive. ‘’oh great this isn’t going to be good. A repeat of what happened the end of last year’’ I was thinking to myself. ‘’Perrie are you awake?’’ I sent her a text. ‘’yea I am. I’m cleaning’’ she replied. ‘’I am too’’ I replied. ‘’why what’s up?’’ she asked. ‘’I’m pregnant again. I’m worried the same thing is going to happen as last time’’ I replied. ‘’Phoebe I think he has changed his mind he will be fine ok. Just tell him’’ she replied. ‘’ok. Whish me luck ’’I replied. ‘’bub you don’t need luck he loves you so much ok now I’m going to bed night’’ she replied. ‘’Night’’ I replied to her. It was 10pm so I went to bed as well and Niall was still up watching TV. ‘’Hey Niall’’ I said. ‘’yea babe’’ he replied. ‘’I want you to be honest with me and not lie to me’’ I replied. ‘’I promise’’ he replied. ‘’well I’m pregnant’’ I said. ‘’again?’’ he asked. ‘’yea’’ I replied. ‘’oh ok. I’m happy and I’m telling the truth. I do want another child’’ he said. ‘’if you are lying to me I will be very mad’’ I replied. ‘’oh ok to be honest. I don’t want another child yet but it will be fine’’ he said. He kissed me and I went to bed when I felt him kiss my neck and saying ‘’I’m actually happy that you are having another child. Night Boo Bear’’ I pretended I was asleep.

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