Don't Stop Believing

Morgan Roberts is your average 19 year-old girl. But she has a secret... Will meeting One Direction save her from a terrible future?


3. Taylor Elizabeth Duncan

Taylor Elizabeth Duncan

Age: 20
Birthday: January 6
Relationship: taken
Best friends: Morgan Marie Roberts, Dhalia Anne Davis
Favorite Bands: Of Monsters and Men, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Austin Mahone
Black Hair Green Eyes
Nickname: T, Tay, Liz


hey y'all! I'm Taylor just call me Liz (because of my middle name)! In case you didn't realize I'm really loudd! My best friends say I'm crazy, well I just get easily excited. Just beware if you get on my bad side or try to hurt my friends and family the war will be on. I'm pretty short compared to my boyfriend Logan. Yes, I have a boyfriend, but no one knows he is abusive. I'm afraid to tell. Anyway I try to be loving and caring, but I'll o anything for my friends. Oh and i lovee to shop! Well thats it... Rock On!


Rock on! Grr... I only have one day left of break!! :( Anywho have a wonderfull day!





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