Don't Stop Believing

Morgan Roberts is your average 19 year-old girl. But she has a secret... Will meeting One Direction save her from a terrible future?


4. Safe and Sound?

Safe and Sound? Chapter 1

Morgan's POV:

"GET YOUR FAT ARSE DOWN HERE!" My dad screamed. 

I limped downstairs quickly afraid of falling. 

"Go get me more beer!"He said. 

I looked down and started walking away hearing him call back "If you take more than 10 minutes you will be punished."

I walked to the small connivence store on the corner. It had a sign that said 'Quick Stops'. I jogged (or should I say limped) to the alcohol section, where I quickly grabbed the beer. I paid and left for home checking my phone which read 8:58. I had been gone for 15 minutes! Shit. I am really in for it now. 

I walked through the door seeing my so called 'dad' standing there with a scowl on his face.he walked up and slapped my cheek. Hard. I felt the sting and after many times of this I felt little pain. 

That was the start of a long painful night...

*Authors Note*
Hey! This is my first chapter if my first fan fic! Hope you enjoyed(the chapters will be longer)!The more reads the faster I update. 
Goodnight little fishys!


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