Love through the loneliness

Lilly finds happiness and love through her true love Conner. Over time things happen through their relationship where love is the only cure. As their love grows so does their faith. In this story you will be brought through time in Lilly's life as a love grows, tragedy occurs and hope is spread.


5. chapter 5


I hate school so much it just gets harder everyday. Thank goodness there is only 5 weeks left. I've been living in this town for 3 years already I can't believe I was only 12 when I first cut. I have a boyfriend now he is nice to me for real but lately he has been more distant from me. I don't know why I guess it's a personal space thing. I don't mind to much though. His name is James and we have been dating for 7 months now that's pretty long for a high school relationship. I still haven't had my first kiss yet but I hope it will be with him. When ever I'm with him I feel happier and I haven't cut since I met him 9 months ago, I'm really proud of it to. I have some friends now not best friend sleepover friends but school friends there is only 3 but at least 1 is in all of my classes. I feel so mouth better now. Jordan and her friends never apologized to me even after I made it obvious that I over herd their convocation. The girl who didn't say a thing about anyone that night is 1 of the 3 girls who I'm friends with. She told me what they said about me. There is a lot more than what I herd they even said I was I lowlife attention seeking whore because someone saw my scars that night. They all know that I'm depressed and suicidal but they need to know to understand me.

5 weeks later

It's finally the last week of school and I'm so glad that I can spend more time with James and not with his rude friends around. It's 8th period and there is some movie on but I'm on my phone texting James. We are talking about what we are going to do together tonight I suggest a movie at the $2 theater they have a lot more of the movies that are over 2 months old. He says "sure what movie" and I suggest "Oz the great and powerful" he texts back "sounds fun". The bell just rang and there is a lot of screaming and schools out chants and again I feel like I'm in high school musical I start singing that stupid song in my head as I head down the hall.

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