Love for Christmas

Emily Van Green was used to being alone, her mother didn't pay much attention to her, her father was dead, and all she wanted for Christmas was a friend, but she got so much more.


1. First Sight

Chapter One: First Sight


Emily's Pov:


'I wish I had a friend for Christmas, and that's all I want this year. Do you think you can do that Mr. Santa Claus?'





I woke that morning to the sound of jingle bells. I realized I'd fallen asleep to Christmas music again. I sighed and rolled out of bed. Another lonely day. With no friends, and a mother who hadn't said even a 'Hello' to me after my dad died three in a half years ago today I was very alone. I changed from my Toy Story pajamas to a pair of dark green skinny jeans and a Christmas sweater with reindeer on it. I pulled on my brown leather combat boots and grabbed my school bag. I began the long lonely trek to school. My brunette hair tied into a side braid and covered with my favorite wool hat froze in the winter air that belonged to my small town in Western New York. 


As I reached the school I noticed a new car in the student lot. I shrugged it off, 'just another person to completely ignore me.' I thought. I kept going, shouldering my bag. I wasn't exactly paying attention on where I was going only that I needed to get to my class. I bumped into someone and looked up, expecting a sneer or something, but no, I got an understanding smile, on a handsome face and eyes that had that 'I'm new' glisten. 


"I'm so sorry."


"Its okay, I'm new here, could you show me to uh Mr. Nathan's first period class?"


"I'm going there too. I'm Emily Van Green, and you are?"


"Gregg Short."


"You have an oxymoron for a last name you know that?"


"Yes I know. So do I have to compete for your attention with your friends today?"


"I don't have any friends to be honest."


"A beautiful girl like yourself with no friends? For Shame!"


"Gregg, you are the only person I've spoken to in this school in years."




"Ever since my dad died people kind of avoid me at all costs."


"That's sad. They should be comforting you."


"That and my mom is rumored to be crazy. She's not, she's just know? To lose your soul mate so quickly, when you plan to live the rest of your life with them."


"I understand completely." I looked at him, and his eyes they were like portals to a different time.


"It seems like we met before."


"Maybe we have." 


"Here we are." I entered first and found a seat in the back, Gregg sat next to me. 


"So this is Advanced Calculus?"


"No, this is Advanced History for Dummies." I said holding up my Calculus textbook. Mr. Nathan looked at me with a note of surprise not subtly hidden on his face.


"Alright class today we have a new student, Mr. Short, will you kindly introduce yourself?"


"I suppose they already know my last name." Gregg stood to his full height and giggles erupted throughout the class. "Yes I know my name does not fit my appearance. My name is Gregg Short, originally from New Hampshire and I left no friends behind and left behind only my mother's grave. Any questions?"


"Yes, why are you associating with her?"


"Who my good friend Emily? I thought she was nice, and she was the only one who offered to help me get used to this school. Did any of you?"


"Well no, but she's...odd."


"Isn't everyone odd? You're odd because of all that...stuff on your face. Is that really your face? The only real object on your face is your eyeball."


"You-you, Mr. Nathan!"


"Clarice please. It's the truth. Mr.Short please take your seat." 


"That was awesome." I whispered. Mr. Nathan continued on with class and the bell rang.


"Where to now?" Gregg asked. 


"Let me see your schedule." I said holding out my hand. He handed it over and I looked it over.


"You share most of your classes with me. The one's you don't is when I have study hall. But we have lunch together."


"Cool, so off to..."


"History." Gregg went to grab his schedule back but I ran off, it felt nice to have a friend. Gregg caught me around the waist. 


"Give it back Emily!"




"Don't make me kiss you!"


"Oh? Is that the best threat you could come up with?" I asked standing up and turning around, I held up the schedule like mistletoe and he laughed and kissed me. This is CRAZY I thought to myself; I just met this guy and I'm letting him kiss me? In the middle of the hallway where people can see? He broke off the kiss and I handed him the schedule with a roll of my eyes.


"To history Emily, Emily?"


"What? OH right." 


At the end of the day I walking out of the school when I was stopped by Gregg,


"Hey, do you want a ride home?" 


"Sure." I followed him out towards his car, it was cherry red, sleek and definitely new.


"A moving gift from my dad. He felt sorry because he was making me move away from my mom. Well what you waiting for? Get in she's not going to bite."




"My car just get in Emily." I got in as he asked and buckled. It was even nicer inside. Black leather seats and a cherry wood steering wheel, and cherry wood lined decals. "So where do you live?"


"19 Maple Street."


"Okay, so uh about that kiss..."


"I wanted you to kiss me Gregg, that's the point of me holding the schedule as mistletoe." 


"Oh, good because I liked it."


"Me too." Gregg started the car, and my favorite Christmas Song blasted from the speakers, 'All I want for Christmas, is You.' "Ironic isn't it?" I mused


"What's ironic?"


"Last night I wished for a friend, today you show up."


"Huh, its destiny Ma Cherie."


"You speak French too?"


"Well yes; Vous êtes la plus belle créature que j'ai jamais vu mon cher."


"What does that mean?"


"You are the most beautiful creature I've ever seen my dear."


"Aw, you're too kind."


"No, I'm honest. It surprises me mon cher that no one has noticed."


"My father did, he made me feel so special. Like a princess and then he died."


"I'm sorry; and uh may I ask, how did he die?"


"Drunk driver hit him head on. He had no chance."


"My mom, she died a year ago. Cancer."


"Oh I'm so sorry. Oh, gosh here's my house. Although my mom won't notice if I'm there or not, or if I bring a...friend inside."


"Sure I'll come in." Gregg parked the car and grabbed his school bag from the back. "So, what do you have planned for us to do?"


"Well its Friday, we could watch a movie or something, but first call your dad so he knows where you are."


"Alright I'll call Mr. Big Shot Lawyer."


"Oh be nice Mr. Humbug!" 


"Did you just Scrooge me?"


"Maybe." I laughed and ran into the house before he could throw a snowball at me. 


"Hey dad, I won't be home until late, I met a friend and she invited to her place to watch movies." He hung the phone and shook his head in disappointment.


"What's wrong?" I asked him as he entered the mud room.


"My dad was too busy so his secretary took a note."


"Jeez Christmas time and ignored by our parents." I led him towards the living room. The one place my mother never frequented. He sat on the couch and I started up a movie, 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'. He laughed when the opening credits started to play.



I sat next to him, and he grabbed a blanket and covered both of us. As the movie started to get interesting my mother came home from work. She passed the living room without ever a 'hello' and went directly upstairs. I sighed and put my head on Gregg's shoulder.


"I'm guessing that was your mom."






"Let's just watch the movie." 


The movie ended and Gregg offered to watch another one with me but I made up some project I had to get to. He gave me his number and I gave him mine. 


"Text me anytime." I told him. "I never have plans."


"Okay, the same with me."


"Oh except after school on Tuesdays. I go visit my father's grave."


"I can drive you."


"Okay." He walked off towards his car and drove off. Jeez what am I going to do now? Dream of that kiss earlier? I walked up the stairs and collapsed in my bedroom.

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