Maddie lives a semi-normal life with her boyfriend Michael, but she has secrets. Secrets nobody knows or talks about. So I guess you could say they're untold.


1. Chapter 1




- Laying there, completely helpless. My vision, zoning in and out, in and out, but I can tell people are starting to crowd around me. The very last thing I remember before I close my eyes completely is the paramedics placing me in the ambulance. -





•6 years later •




•Maddie's P.O.V•


Placing my makeup bag on the granite counter I pour all of the contents out and begin my makeup. When I'm finished I put everything away and walk out of the bathroom and into my bedroom. When I enter my boyfriend Michael is sitting on the edge of my bed waiting for me.


"Hey, when did you get here?" I said walking to my closet. "Oh I got here while you were in the shower so I decided I would wait here for you." He said looking up at me. "Oh okay so did you need something? Not that I'm not happy to see you it's just that I have an interview at Devin Hanson Publishing and I have to leave soon." "Yeah that's why I'm here because I wanted to make sure you were okay and I also wanted to wish you good luck. So good luck." He said with the fakest smile ever. "Are you sure you're okay? You seem a little off?" I said with a worried look.


But before I had a chance to do anything he walked, no ran out the door. That was weird, but I don't have time right now, I'll just call him later and ask about it.


Walking to my closet I pulled out jean shorts, black tights, a red sweater, and brown combat boots. I grabbed my purse and walked down stairs. I take my keys out of the bowl and walk out the door.


I'm so nervous. What if I say the wrong thing? I don't do very well under pressure. Stay Calm. I pull my phone out and dial Micheal's number. I have to talk to him, he'll be able to put me at ease.


"Hey Babe it's Maddie."

"Oh, hi. Shouldn't you be at your interview? Why are you calling me?"

I can tell he's really excited about me calling him. Not. I hear rustling in the background, but I choose to ignore it.

"I'm just really nervous for this. What if I mess up? You know I don't do well under-"

"-Pressure. Yes I know. Babe you're gonna do fine. I promise. There's no need to be nervous. You're a great writer and just great over all. You'll do fine. Okay?"


"Listen I need to go, but call me later and let me know how it went alright?"

"Okay, I will. I love you."

"I love you too, bye"

I pull into the parking lot and try to park as close as I can. I get out of my car and start for the big glass doors leading to possibly the start of my career.

As soon as I open the door I am amazed at how big and how nice this place is! I stand there looking around for a second before I realize I have an interview to get to. I walk to the receptionist.

"For Mr. Hanson?"


"Maddie Shotts"

"Okay Ms. Shotts, Mr. Hanson is on floor 20, Office 138, elevators are over there."

When i arrive to floor 20 I look for office 138, when I find it I know and hear Mr. Hanson say 'come in' I walk in and see a very well organized office and his desk was in the center of the office and Mr. Hanson sitting behind the desk.

"Hello, you must be Maddie?"

Mr. Hanson stands up to shake my hand. I shake it and he sits back down.

"Please, have a seat."

He gestures towards the black chairs behind me. I sit and set my purse on the floor looking up at Mr. Hanson.

"So Maddie, tell me about yourself."

"Okay. So I have 3 older brothers I really love to write and I have a dog named Lucas. My favorite color is red, black and purple. I don't do well under pressure and my favorite food is spaghetti."

Mr. Hanson just laughs.

"I can tell you don't do well under pressure! What I meant was tell me about your interests in writing and why you want this job."

"Oh, I'm so sorry! I feel really stupid, I'm sorry.

"Its no worries at all! I actually thought it was quite funny, but please do continue answering my previous questions."

"I spent my last two years in high school preparing myself to work in communications when I graduated. I sought out internships and extracurricular opportunities that would expose me to media relations work, and I’m very excited to continue on that path."

"Okay, and if you were to get this job what would you want your salary to be?"

"Oh um well I really don't mind. Whatever you are willing to pay me I'm fine with."

"How about $250?"

"That's really good per week!"

"I mean $250 per full day you work here and if you work 5 days a week that would be $1,250 a week."

"I can't take that much from you Mr. Hanson!"

"Well to bad because you've got yourself a job!"

He stands and holds out his hand. I stand shaking it.

"Mr. Hanson thank you so much! I don't think you understand how much I appreciate you giving me this job."

"Well it's my pleasure Ms. Shotts."

"Please, call me Maddie."

"Okay Maddie have a nice day and you start Monday and I'll have Sydney the receptionist send you your hours."

"Okay thank you again Mr. Hanson."

I close the door behind me and walk to the elevator. When I get back in the lobby I thank the receptionist again and head back to my car.











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