Wrecking Ball

Rilee and her friend Blaire are in high school. There is a new boy and Rilee might like him! READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS, WHO WILL RILEE GET WITH?! AND.... TO SEE IF BLAIRE DOES SOMETHING!- __itsmemaddy


2. After School

Rilee’s POV

I walk inside my house about to fall over. Luckily my brother Nathan is there to catch me before I hit the ground. “Studying sure takes a lot out of you.” I get out of my brothers grasp and walk upstairs. I change into my watermelon Pj’s and plop down on my bed and fall asleep quickly.

Nathan’s POV

Rilee looked really tired today. I am glad I was at the door, or she would have been on her face. Any way I walk upstairs to check on her, when I cracked the door she was snoring softly. I walk back downstairs to tell mum. “Hey mum Rilee is sound asleep, and I am going to bed. Nite” She smiles. “Goodnight Nathan.” I walk upstairs and plop down in bed. I don’t care I will leave my clothes on to sleep. NO PJ’S FOR ME!! I fall asleep in about 5-7 minutes.

Louis’ POV

I wake up early to take a shower and get ready for school. I don’t wanna be late, and my best mate Harry is starting today. He was sick yesterday. Maybe I can get Rilee’s number today, and we can text.


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