Break Me Down

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  • Published: 11 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 14 Dec 2013
  • Status: Complete
Lacey is an aspiring singer whose now ex-boyfriend cheated on her with the resident popular girl, Kylie Richards. When Lacey’s new neighbor, Bryce moves in she finds out there’s more to the chain-smoking guitar player than meets the eye.


2. The Resolution

Now I’ve met a friend

We can call this the end

So long you’ve taught me nothing

Only sorrow in this ending

But he picked me up from the ashes

Wiped the tears from my lashes

I finally know what love is

I finally know what love is


Lacey crunched the snow underfoot as she trod lightly in the snow with her winter boots. Her auburn hair whipped against her face just as it had so many years ago with Spencer in tow except this time she was alone.  She was walking her dog and enjoying the blissful silence since winning the singing competition and seeing an unnerved and irate Kylie. It didn’t unsettle her being in such stillness, seeing the cars parked in their driveways and wondering how snug the families were in their stately homes. She loved the snow and winter because everyone could slow down, everyone could take their time and it was God’s reminder that he was in control of everything.


                “Through you everything is possible,” she sung sweetly and smiled to herself as she walked Pepper and stooped down to momentarily fondle her dog’s soft fur. A guitar riff answered in reply, strung with confidence by no doubt some nimble fingers.


                “I leave everything to you,” she sang tentatively and wondered who owned the gorgeous acoustic guitar to strum out such harmonic music. Sure enough the guitar answered in reply and soon she was regarded by a pair of gray eyes. It was the color of clouds gathering before a great rainstorm, it was beautiful.


                It belonged to the boy who’d moved in across the street.


                “Care to join me? You have a beautiful singing voice. You’re Lacey right? You won that competition?” He rambled on nervously. She sat next to him on the proffered seat covered in snow. It was originally a stone bench. He asked her get up and took his time sweeping the snow onto the ground before she sat down again.


                “This coat soaks up snow you know? You didn’t have to do all that,” her slight Southern twang rolled out in light waves, belying her origins from the South.      


                “For a girl as lovely as you of course I did. You wanna sing again and I’ll play the chords to try and match you?”


                “Alright sounds fair…” and this is what they did every evening. Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. It didn't matter the season or the weather, the new kid named Gregory would seat himself on that bench and wait for her melodious voice to greet him every day he could. Eventually it would turn into him holding her hand and walking through the snow with Pepper trailing along in tow, leading them through piles of the glorious white stuff.


                Love could be found in the most unexpected places after all.


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