Break Me Down

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  • Published: 11 Dec 2013
  • Updated: 14 Dec 2013
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Lacey is an aspiring singer whose now ex-boyfriend cheated on her with the resident popular girl, Kylie Richards. When Lacey’s new neighbor, Bryce moves in she finds out there’s more to the chain-smoking guitar player than meets the eye.


1. Shards of Glass

You told me we’d always be together

You and I—there’s nothing we couldn’t weather

Through the storm you picked me up

I knew your touch was just enough

Didn’t think it would get so rough

But now I see …

You weren’t the one for me

Your eyes full of deceit

Your arms around some other girl

Go ahead but you can’t strip my world


1. Shards of Glass


Lacey paused and fingered the page hesitantly. What she’d penned down for her school’s local singing competition was good and had come from her genuine heart but was it good enough? She sat back and reflected on what had compelled her to take out pen and paper. Sitting cross legged on her bed she bent over and snatched up a lone framed photograph she’d taken a few Christmases ago. She had been walking with her boyfriend Spencer at the time when one of her friends had candidly taken the photo.

                Lacey had been garbed in a beautiful goose down white winter coat. Her auburn hair had whipped around her face in the brisk winds. She was in mid step with Spencer gripping her hand tightly. It was a beautiful depiction of what she’d thought their relationship was—was supposed to be—what should’ve been. Angrily she hurled the photograph against the wall of her bedroom. The sound of tinkling broken glass satisfied her momentarily until she was able to steady her breathing.

                “Stupid Kylie,” she muttered darkly.  Kylie was the other girl. Kylie was the girl who had ruined Lacey’s four and a half years of pure bliss. She was an airheaded cheer captain. She had been competitive with Lacey for years in terms of her singing prowess. Lacey knew she was leagues better. Her eyes averted to the house across the street. The new kid moved in a few weeks ago. He was … odd but admittedly very cute. He had a plethora of piercings and tattoos snaking across rippling muscle and he was the very antithesis to everything Spencer had been. Spencer had been clean-cut, he’d had model looks, and he’d looked like a younger version of Brad Pitt. Every girl at Winchester High had swooned over him but they all knew he’d been devoted to Lacey Evans. Until recently, until a few weeks ago, when he’d dumped her early in the morning and her whole world had come crashing down.

                Breathing frenetically, the young girl paced up and down her room with composition notebook and pen clutched in her hands. Her father—a devoted man of the Lord—came in and looked at his daughter worriedly. It had just been them ever since her mother had passed away from terminal Stage IV stomach cancer some years ago. God she’d missed her. She kept in her prayers every night.

                “Lace … you’ve got to stop getting so hung up over this boy. I know that this is what it’s about,” she stepped aside and looked at the fragments of glass on the wood floor guiltily.  She also knew that her dad was trying very adamantly to raise his Christian daughter the best way he could. In her bookshelf across from her canopy bed she’d had several versions of the Holy Bible. She never hesitated to take one of these with her to Bible Study at her local church.

                “I know papa I just miss him so much. He was my whole world, dad…”

                “No Lace, God is your world. He’s in everything you touch, smell, hear, see and taste. He’s in the very sweet air we breathe baby girl. No man should ever be placed before him, not even me,” he pulled her into a hug and kissed her atop her head. Then he produced a dustpan and a broom and swept up the shards of glass and handed her the picture.

                “At some point we have to let go,” Lacey nodded as fresh tears pooled in her eyes and slid down her cheeks. Her dad really was trying. 

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