I'm Fierce; The Movement

... Chapters one and two are out!


1. Strange. Defiant P.O.V

Hi, my name is Defiant (Dè-fint). I'm 14 and I go to Meeves High School.I live with my older brother Alex and baby sister Julia. Alex is going on 16 and Julia is 13 months old. I have long silky light brown hair that I always put in a bun. Dark brown eyes that almost look like tiger eyes and tan skin. I take a lot of pictures of myself because I'm focused on being a photographer and a model.

I woke up to the sound of crying. It didn't take me long to know who it was- Julia. I truly hated when Julia cried. It gives me head aches and it's annoying. I saw that Alex woke up to because he walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. You could see his six pack.. When he opened the door all the steam came into the room. Yes, we have to share a room. Luckily, we don't have to share a room with Julia. He put on a smile grabbed some jeans and a red shirt then went back into the bathroom. I stood up and looked in the mirror, my hair was a mess and my face looked dead. "Alex? Hurry up! My brush and make up is in there!" I yelled while walking towards the bathroom door, he opened it with his clothes on this time, "It's all yours now, beautiful," he said opening the door for me, "What did you do to it?" I asked with a frown, "Nothing. I'm just happy! I got a date!" He smiled even wider. It least he is happy.. I thought

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