My Story

this is a place where you can follow my progress with my feelings and most of all my eating disorder.
Love Cecilie or Cece


5. Chapter 5

4th of january 

Today we had to celebrate my sisters Birthday, even though their birthday is on the second of jan. I've felt so alone since the 30th of December, I was at the hospital almost all day on the first of Jan because i got to drunk and didn't eat  for 2-3 days before. Because i was so sad Because of the stuff that's going on with Tony.  So they told me to eat and the normal when i'm there. 
Well back to the 4th. 
As i said we are celebrating the twins birthday. I've eaten a bit of cake but thats the only thing i've eaten today. My mum tried to make me eat more than that, because she doesnt know what it feels like to be me. They always tell me that i'm wrong. I hate it so much that they think they know more than the person with the eating disorder does. It's just do wrong. They should never say something to make me sad or something like that, even though they do that everyday. That's why i live at my school, i couldn't stand to be here every day.  I mean I love them but it still hurts because every one always thinks of what the twins wants to do and what they do right. They always look at the things i do wrong. I hate it! 
Why cant they just let me be an aupair next year so i could get away from them... 

They don't know how much they actually hurt me. 
I don't have that much family that actually supports me. 
Love Cecilie

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