My Story

this is a place where you can follow my progress with my feelings and most of all my eating disorder.
Love Cecilie or Cece


2. Chapter 2


Hey Guys 

so it's thursday today, and as you know i'm living at a  boarding school. 
Today haven't really been the best day, but last night my crush and I had a really good Conversation. He knows about my Eating disorder, not like the other boys here. But he actually asked me about it. He actually is one of the only guys who cares about me here, or at least it feels like it....

Well today I've had alot of bad thoughts, about how much i weight and don't really think my Crush Mads likes me. I know that he was sweet to me last night but he's always sweet to me when we have something like a Concert or something like that at our school. One of the first weeks we were here. We were going to the theatre, he snaked his arm around my waist and told me that i was beautiful, but i just don't 

16.19 English time

I just got out of Dance practice, Yes my doctor said i could dance again. it helps me to not thinkbad so right now I'm possitive I guess. 

Well in 20 minutes i have to force myself to Eat at least one piece of bread. Even though I'm not hungry I have to gain weight just a bit more though... 

I don't know what to do about eating today though :( 
All my love 

Cecilie N. 

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