Lost In The Snow

Tara Drift and Gabriel Hunter are both out of a hike together through the snow with their school group whn they get separated from the group. With just the two of them to fend for themselves they must save resources, fend for themselves, keep warm, look after one another, and most importantly, survive!

Will they ever find there group again? Will this stoy end in happiness and love, of end in with a sad loss?


10. The Hungry Bear

Tara took a moment to calm down and catch her breath, before checking on Gabriel. He was

asleep, and wiggling restlessly. Tara had no choice but to stay put until Gabriel had

recovered from the berry poisoning. The woods were far to dangerous a place for sokeone to

walk alone. When Gabriel awakened the next day he was begining to look a lot better. Tara

managed to get him to eat, infact, he managed to eat all by himself this time. Tara told

Gabriel about the close call with the puma. Gabriel smiled and said "you risked your life

to get me help?" Tara blushed as she nodded. Gabriel said with a slight wince of pain

"thank you". Tara smiled back at him and said softly "anything for my best friend". Gabriel

wasn't thinking straight when he said "I wish we were more".


Tara didn't even realize he had said this. She was far to busy listening. Gabriel said "wht

is it?" Tara covered his mouth as she heard a grunting noise outside the cabin door. She

slowly got up, and sneaked towards the boarded up window. A floorboard creaked causing Tara

to gulp nervously. When she got to the window she peeped through a tiny gap to see what was

outside. She gasped when a huge bear roared, and banged against the window, causing Tara to

fall to the floor in shock. The bear kept trying to break in. Gabriel shouted "it's hungry

and can probably smell the food!" Tara shreiked when a large bear paw smashed through the

wood that was boarding up the window. She cried out to Gabriel saying "quick help me move

this cupboard". Gabriel tried his hardest to get up and help but couldn't get to his feet.

Tara only just managed to push the heavy cupboard to block off the window. She did this

with all the other windows, and the two friends remained quiet until the bear decided to


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