Lost In The Snow

Tara Drift and Gabriel Hunter are both out of a hike together through the snow with their school group whn they get separated from the group. With just the two of them to fend for themselves they must save resources, fend for themselves, keep warm, look after one another, and most importantly, survive!

Will they ever find there group again? Will this stoy end in happiness and love, of end in with a sad loss?


6. Seperation

The birds tweeting softly in the winter air was interupted by belowing teachers orderinh

their students to wake up at 4 in the morning. Apparently the earlier they set off, the

better chance of making it to the next camp site. Tara groaned crossly as Gabrirl shook her

by the shoulders in order to wake her up. Thry both shrugged their rucksacks on, and lazily

followed the group. They were both so tired, so they walked slowly behind everyone else.

Gabriel spotted a female deer grazing in a clearing. "Tara you've got to sed this". Tara

also had a look as a male deer came into view. They were so transfixed on the majestic

crestures of the forest, that they did not even relize their group had gone on without



Tara eventually looked away from the two deer to notice their group had left without them.

Tara shouted with shock saying "where have our group gone?!" Gabriel tried to reasure her

by saying "don't worry, I'm sure their just a little way up the trail". They ran on to try

and catch the group up, but the other students were nowhere in sight. Tara cried out with

fear "now what do we do?!" Gabriel tried to stay calm for her, but inside he was also as

terrifed as she was right now. "If we call out for help, someone is bound to hear us". For

ages the two called out for help, but no reply ever came back to them. Tara was in tears by

now crying out "were done for! Lost in the woods, full of wolves and bears! No teachers to

save us! Why me?!" Gabriel hugged her saying "don't worry, we just got to salk on until we

bump into someone who can help us". Tara said with worry "but were in the middle of

nowhere". Gabriel moaned at her saying "don't you think I don't know that!"


It began to get dark quite quickly. "We can't keep looking in the dark" Gabriel said with a

shudder, as the wind nipped at his bare skin. Tara said wth a shrieak "predators come out

at night!" Gabriel said calmly "let's pitch up the tent and continur our search for

civilization tommorow. If we don't put the tent up soon, it will be far too dark for us to

be able to see what were doing". They both found a good enough spot to build the tend, abd

with the last bit of light, they quickly put uo the tent. Thry got inside, and began to get

out their sleeping bags. Tara burst into tears when she realized she must have dropped

teddy Tim out in the forest somewhere, of left him at the other tent. Gabriel comforted her

with a hug. He tried to pull away but Tara wouldn't let go of his waist. She was shivering

like mad so Gabriel shared a sleeping bag with her for the night.

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