Lost In The Snow

Tara Drift and Gabriel Hunter are both out of a hike together through the snow with their school group whn they get separated from the group. With just the two of them to fend for themselves they must save resources, fend for themselves, keep warm, look after one another, and most importantly, survive!

Will they ever find there group again? Will this stoy end in happiness and love, of end in with a sad loss?


14. Rescued

Gabriel soon realized he was not imagining voices at all. There really were people nearby.

Gabriel heard his name and Tara's name being called. He realized it was a search party.

Gabriel cried out as loud as he could. "Were over here!" As a voice yelled "I've found

them! There over here!" Gabriel looked down at Tara saying "were saved. Were going home".

Tara moaned in her sleep, as a group of adults ran over to assist the two teenagers.

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