Lost In The Snow

Tara Drift and Gabriel Hunter are both out of a hike together through the snow with their school group whn they get separated from the group. With just the two of them to fend for themselves they must save resources, fend for themselves, keep warm, look after one another, and most importantly, survive!

Will they ever find there group again? Will this stoy end in happiness and love, of end in with a sad loss?


4. Arriving

When the plane finally touched down, it took one more bus ride to reach their destination.

The bus stopped in a carpark outside a large pine forest. The teachers unloaded everything,

and began to give a safety lecture as they always do. After that everyone dragged their

suitcases on a long cold exausting trek, going deeper and deeper into the snowy forest.

Everyone was puffed out, and very tired when they all finally arrived at the tent site.

Gabriel and Tara struggled to get their tent up aa they were just so tired. When a.l the

tents were finally up, everyone went straight to bed as they all so tired.

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