"Just Friends"

Mackenzie Efron, sister of Zac, reunites with Justin, and everything is magic? Not quite. Read to know the story.


2. He's home.

*Mackenzie's POV*

I wait for Justin to show up. He will be here at any moment. We always have the best of times together. What will we do? Bowling? Movies? Mall?

Zac: Calm down, I can basically see you blushing.

Mackenzie: Shut up, I am not blushing. Me and Justin are just friends.

I wish I was telling the truth. The truth is I have had the biggest crush on Justin for a while now. He is always there for me and he makes me so happy.


Zac and I burst through the door to go see Justin. He gives Zac the "bro" handshake and he hugs me tightly. I feel the butterfly's in my stomach.

***Justins POV***

I see Mackenzie standing there and I hug her tight, she's looking beautiful as always.

Justin: Hey Kenzie.

I smile. I hope she can't see me blushing by her beauty.

Mackenzie: Hey Juju.

Only she calls me that. I love hearing it.

Zac: what do you wanna do today bro?

Justin: Lets go to the beach!

(I forgot to mention they live in California by the way.)

Zac: perfect!

***Mackenzies POV***

Ever since my parents died I don't swim, nor do I go go the beach. I really want to spend time with Justin though. I'll go just no swimming.

We all get our trunks & bikinis on. Once were at the beach the boys go straight for the water, where as I lay down a towel and begin tanning.

A few minutes later I feel a shadow standing over me, I look up and see Justin.

Justin: Who's ready to swim?!

No, no, no. He picks me up over his shoulder going towards the water, I begin to scream. I don't swim ever since my parents died in the ocean. Next thing I know I'm under the water.

After a while I come up, choking on water trying to get myself out. Zac freaks out and helps me out. I get out of the water and run home crying.

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