When you hold my hand

This is my entry for the advent competition, please like, favourite and comment if you like it :D


1. When you hold my hand,

Have you ever been lost in the cold and dark?

Have you ever lost all hope?

Have you ever seen no turning back?

Have you ever failed to cope?


Has there ever been no light at the end of the tunnel?

Has there been that moment where?

You let the tears pour endlessly,

And no longer did you care.


I had that time not too long ago,

When i curled up in the snow,

I gave up on life itself as i,

Let the tears just flow.


I remember when i closed my eyes, 

Ready to say farewell,

Then i felt those warm hands on top of mine,

And the story that those eyes could tell.


He pulled me up and lead me down,

The road of hope and faith,

And in that single moment i knew,

I had never felt so safe.


Why did you come for me? i asked,

Because I love you he replied,

I never want to see you sad or let you go,

So will you be my bride?


I nodded, and laughing he handed me the ring,

So beautiful and so grand,

He intertwined his fingers with mine,

And we walked hand in hand.



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