My life with Niall Horan

This girl is learning that one direction is not that bad and she also learns that she also likes Niall Horan.


4. The Night #2


~ Faiths pov~

I took off his shirt and he was taking off mine I unbuttoned his pants and took them off he threw them across the room and he was staring at me boobs (I was wearing a bra) he quickly grabbed a condom and pulled down his boxers and put the condom on I of course kept my  bra on. Niall slid down my skirt and underware 

Niall- are you ready


Niall thrusted in Faith

Faith- ohhh niall

Niall- yeah babe I love when you moan my name


Nial- OK

Niall goes faster

~Nialls pov~

Niall- man her lips are so soft I just want to do this forever......but.......I won't I am *yawns* kinda tired

Niall whispers to himself

Niall gets off and falls asleep and then Faith falls asleep

 Sorry I haven't updated in a while I am so busy with school, homework, and CHORES I HATE CHORES so I will try to update next as soon as possible ASAP so bye for now my little dashies. I love ya so much *kisses* O:-) 


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