My life with Niall Horan

This girl is learning that one direction is not that bad and she also learns that she also likes Niall Horan.


2. My bump in with Niall Horan

~Faiths pov~

Hi I am Faith Ellen but you can just call me Faith i am 5'4 I have blonde hair and brown eyes I am very slim OK anyways let's get to the story 

Faith got up, got changed, brushed her teeth and put on eyeliner red lipstick and purple eye shadow and put on purple pants with a sparkly white T-Shirt and a black hat

Faith- OK mom I'm going to be late

Mom- OK honey I won't be home when you come home from school I am spending the night a Dave's

Faith- OK mom love you

Mom- love you

Faith grabbed some toast from the toaster and walked out the door Faith walked into school and bumped into someone she fell to the ground 

Niall- Oh my god I am so sorry

Faith- SHIT my butt hurts but its ok

Niall- cool do you want to be friends I am new here my name is Niall Horan

Faith- yeah I would love to be friends and my name is Faith Ellen you can just call me Faith

Niall- cool

Faith- do you want to come over to my house my mom is not gonna e there after school

Niall- I would love to

Faith- cool stop by after school

Faith walks away

~Nialls pov~

Niall- man she's cute I can not wait to go over I am gonna show her my way of having a good time


Thanks for reading I will update again real soon of bye my little dashies. :-) 


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