Escaped in L.A.

Hi, my name is Melissa. I'm a normal 16 years old girl with hard life. I have a long, curly, brown hair and blue eyes.I have my best friend Nicole, she's always next to me. She's with a long, straight blonde hair and brown eyes. I have an older brother called Meysan, Nicole have an older brother too, called Eddy.They're best friends like me and Nicole. They're both 19 years old and are the best brothers who I ever saw in my live, but our live aren't perfect. Me and Nicole had many problems in school. But one day a raffle changed our lives and we knew that nothing'll be like before...


16. Chapter 13

Melissa P.O.V.

There was my brother. He wasn't changed, he looked like before. But I had a big change. Before I was a modest girl, now I was total opposite. My hair was brown, now I had dark brown at the ends of my hair, but she was still brown. My clothes weren't modest like before, they were very modern, first fashion line. Nothing special, just trousers, shirt and a jacket. I had glasses and I held Harry Styles's hand. Might he won't recognize me. He stopped us. " Hey, I'm sorry, but I'm searching my sister. Look at the picture, with her best friend escaped few months ago, but we still searching them. My best friend's sister is her best friend. He's in town and searching them too. Look at the picture and if you were seen her, tell me. " He showed a picture. There were me and Nicole. The day before the escape. I wanted to start crying, but I didn't. " This is my sister, her name is Melissa, and this is Eddy's sister, her name is Nicole. Have you ever seen them? " Meysan asked. Harry looked at me sharply. " No man, sorry. I have never seen this girls. " Harry said. " What about you? Please tell me, have you ever seen them? Please, say yes, we miss them so much! " He said. I looked at the picture again and nodded negative. " Okay... Here is my number, if you seen them, please call me. " He said and tell us his number. We said goodbye to him and he's gone. I ran to a bench in the park and started to cry. Harry came and hugged me. " Is that... That was your brother... wasn't it? " He asked and I nodded. " Yes, Meysan... I miss him, too. Why I have to seen him? I don't want to get back to London, I want to stay in L.A. without anyone. " I started to cray more. " Don't cry. Everything will be alright. When you became on age, you'll see them again, every time. " He said. " Thank you, Harry. You saved my life. " I hugged him. " No problem. " He said. We decided to go for another ice cream. During we walked, I saw Eddy. Oh, god... What a luck. " Harry!! This is Eddy, help me. " I said. He held my hand and we sat on a bench, I was in his lap. I put my head in the crook of his neck. Eddy just walked away. " Lets go home, before someone founds you. " He said. " Okay, thank you, again. " I kissed his cheek. " Hey, do you want to sleep in my house? " He asked. " I don't know, I have to talk with Katy. " I said. " It will be very funny. Please call me when you end with her. " He said, I laughed and nodded. He held my hand again and he sent me home. I got inside and saw Katy watching TV. I sat next to her. " Katy, I thing I have a problem. " I said. " And what is it? " She said concernedly. " My mistake, the problems are 2. First is that my brother and Eddy saw us, they're searching for us here. They didn't recognized me. The second is about Harry... " I said. " I'm happy for that they didn't recognized you, what about Harry? " She asked. " I think I...... 


A/N Hey, here's the new chapter, it isn't the longest, and I'm sorry. The next one will be longer, promise... Hope you enjoy it. Like, coment and fave. :) - Stella xoxo

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