Escaped in L.A.

Hi, my name is Melissa. I'm a normal 16 years old girl with hard life. I have a long, curly, brown hair and blue eyes.I have my best friend Nicole, she's always next to me. She's with a long, straight blonde hair and brown eyes. I have an older brother called Meysan, Nicole have an older brother too, called Eddy.They're best friends like me and Nicole. They're both 19 years old and are the best brothers who I ever saw in my live, but our live aren't perfect. Me and Nicole had many problems in school. But one day a raffle changed our lives and we knew that nothing'll be like before...


13. Chapter 10

Melissa P.O.V.

" Let's go back to the others. " I said. " Okay. " He said and we went back. Olivia, Katy and Nicole looked at me sadly and stood up from the chairs. " Don't worry, we'll eat. " I said. Then I told them everything during we go out from the restaurant. " We don't want any food, so don't worry about us. " Olivia said. " Liv, you can't live without food. " Katy said. " Yes, but with Nicky will escape and then we will find something, we have enough of money, you know. " She said. I felt little jealousy, but hid it from the others. Oh god, she was my best friend, not Olivia's BFF. But now I have Katy, and might Harry. They both were nice for the moment. I made my decide, correct or not, I'll do what I want because I have to live for the moment, haven't I? " You know what, Nicky? Do what you want, live for today like there's no tomorrow. " I smiled. She looked at me confusedly. " What's wrong with you? " She said. " Nothing, can't I give a great advice to my best friend? " I asked. " Of course you can... See you tomorrow, cross your fingers. " She smiled and hugged me. They escaped and Ellie went to us. " Where the others? " She asked. " Um... They're already in the hotel. Didn't somebody told you? " I asked. " No, nobody done it. Whatever, let's go. I hope you like the food? " She said. I smiled nervous. " It was the best food I have ever seen! " I said. " Yeah, it was good. " Katy said. Ellie don't talk with us again during the trip. To be honest, during the trip only me and Katy were in conversation. The others just silent. When we arrived in the moment they bring us to the hotel room. The hotel was the most expensive hotel I have ever seen! It had 5 stars, so my joke was "Haha, we're VIP now. " Katy only laughed on it. Our hotel room was very big and we had everything as plasma TV, mini fridge, sofa, two beds and so much other things, which I can't count. " Here's AMAZING! " I said. " We have to phone Harry and tell him the number of the room. " I said. " I'll see the number, phone him. " She went out and I phoned him. " Hello dear! " He said nicely. " Hey Harry, we're in the hotel. " I said. " Are you arrived? Perfect. Tell me the number of your hotel room. " He said. " Just a minute. " I said. Katy went back. " Number 22. " She said. " Number 22, on the second floor. " I said. " Okay, we're coming after about 15 minutes, ok? " He said. " Okay, who are you? " I asked. " Me and Liam. The others have others plans and we will remeber it! " He said and I laughed. " Okay, bye for now. " I closed. The room was as big as might we can lose in it. 15 minutes later someone knocked on our door. I opened. " Hey Harry, what's going on? " I asked and hugged him. He kissed my cheek. " Nothing, but Liam wants to kill me, will you keep me from him? " He asked and I giggled. " Why does she want that? " I asked. " Because I left him to bring all the purchases alone, without any help... " He said and smiled. " Clear, don't worry, we will keep you, aren't we? " I said. " Sorry, but I love Liam, he's free... I'm going to help him. " She said. " And I'm going to keep Harry from you, badass! " I said and Harry kissed my cheek. " Thanks, sweety. They're badass! " He said like a little child. I laughed and Liam came. " Harry, where are you?! " He said. " Nowhere, why did you ask me?!?!? " He said nervously. " Harry how could you done that?! You left me alone, you must shame of yourself! What a friend you are?! " Liam tell Harry off. " I'm sorry, Liam. How can I make it up? " Harry asked and Liam smirk. " Might some massage will help. " Liam said and Harry looked at me. " Fine. But not now. " Harry said. " Okay, I can wait. " Liam said. " Ok, you will. We have to go, we will see each other tomorrow, won't we? " He said. " Of course we will, just phone me. Bye. " I kissed his cheek and they went down. The purchases were pizza with chicken. My favourite. There was a bottle coke too. My phone rang, it was Harry. " Yes Harry? " I said. " Liss, we have a problem. " He said. " What is it? " I said. " The doors are closed, we can't go out! " He said. " You won't. Come back in our room, we'll be together and it'll be very funny. " I said. " Do you doubt? Of course it will be funny. We're coming. " He closed. " What happened? " Katy asked. " They coming back. The doors are closed so they can't go out. " I said. " That's wonderful! But where they're going to sleep? " She asked. " We'll invent something. " I said. They came back and we hugged for a few time. " So... What we're going to do now? " I asked then Harry smiled. " Might I have an idea.... "


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