Escaped in L.A.

Hi, my name is Melissa. I'm a normal 16 years old girl with hard life. I have a long, curly, brown hair and blue eyes.I have my best friend Nicole, she's always next to me. She's with a long, straight blonde hair and brown eyes. I have an older brother called Meysan, Nicole have an older brother too, called Eddy.They're best friends like me and Nicole. They're both 19 years old and are the best brothers who I ever saw in my live, but our live aren't perfect. Me and Nicole had many problems in school. But one day a raffle changed our lives and we knew that nothing'll be like before...


2. Chapter 1

Melissa P.O.V.

I woke up with smile on my face. I jumped out of my bed and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and made myself better. I turned back to my room and I open my wardrobe. I choose my black tight jeans, white t-shirt and my new converses. I wear it. I decided to make my hair straight. Today was Saturday and I was so happy, because every Saturday with Nicole made a slumber party. Today we will sleep at her house. She lived in a big house with many rooms. She has an indoor pool, it was very big. We loved to swim in it. I grabbed my bag and open it. I turned back to my wardrobe and open my little drawer. There was my swimwear. I grab it and put it in my bag. My phone rang. I look at the screen, it was Nicole. I answered. " Where are you? " She wasn't very happy. " I'm sorry, I overslept... " I giggled. " That's not funny, Lisa. I'm still waiting for your attention at home. If you don't come soon, we're going to be late for our plan, remember? " Of course, I forgot. Today we would trying to escape of home. " Nicky, I'm so sorry, I forgot... " I said with a note of guilty of my voice. " Of course.. " I won't let her to continue her sentence. " I'm coming, bye for now. " I closed. I put my pajamas in my bag too, and after this I close it. I grabbed my bag on my back and went out of my room. I went down and saw my mom to tidy up in the living room. " Mom, I'm going out, with Nicole have a slumber party today, It's Saturday... You know... " She didn't answer me. " Mom, are you still angry at me? I'm sorry, I promise you to tidy up my room when I get home tomorrow. " I said and tried to convince her. " You say that every time, Lisa. Don't try to lie me again, so get out. " My mom was sad. I went next to her. " Mommy, what happened? " I asked. " Nothing, I'm just tired. When I'm done, I'm going to go to the cinema with Clara. " Clara was her very good friend. They were friends from children. " Ok, I'm happy for you. " I said. " Go, Nicole will be angry of you. " I laughed. " She is.. I'm going to go now, 'cause if I'm late again, she's going to kill me. " We both laughed. I open the door, said "Bye" to my mom and go out. I lived close to her. 10 minutes ago, I was before her door. I knocked. A few minutes ago, she opened. " Oh, you decided to come, I'm so happy. " Oh, perfect. She wasn't in good mood. I went inside. " What we're going to do now? " I asked calmly. " We're going to watch some movies and when my parents went home, we will wait them to sleep. After this we'll escape, ok? " Oh, I love her crazy mind, It's the same like mine. " Of course, give me a five for a crazy things, who we're going to do in the future. " We're both laughed and went to her room.



( A/N Maybe it's too short chapter, and I'm really sorry for it. Leave me comments and tell me what do you think and should I keep writing. If there're any mistakes, I'm sorry, but I'm from Bulgaria, my English isn't perfect... Thank you! xoxo. ) 

- Stella

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