The Martin Mansion

[This is for the Competition For All! Theme One.] Emily and Clark Wolfson are going to live with their grandfather, Ward, since the incident a few weeks ago. There once was a legend that spirits still haunts the place. Emily learns more about her family and about the devastation that her ancestors had seen. [I might continue this if I have the chance!]


4. Slumber

In the morning I asked Annie if there was a town called Slumber.

"Oh that is where we get our groceries. I'm going there today with my grand daughter. Would you want to come?" She asked. I nodded and got ready. It was time to leave.

"Emily this is my grand daughter Wendy. Wendy this is Emily." We started walking to Slumber.


That took so long. We were finally in Slumber. That song played again. 

Tick tock goes the clock,

till someone does really knock,

down down to the ground,

then they will sleep in Slumber.

I looked around.

"Wendy do you hear that song?"

"What song?" 

"Never mind." Annie was done with the groceries. The three of us were carrying them up back to the mansion. 


I got my bag ,which was holding the box, and walked around the house trying to find some where to look at the letters secretly. My room was to dark and I can't open the window or it will attract attention. I walked out side in the back yard. I saw some vines on the side of some enormous rocks. I walked to the rocks and touch the vines. My hand went through. I pushed the vines and saw that it was a cave-ish. It had furniture and it looked very cozy. I turned around to go out, but when I touch the vines it was just cold. I shoved the vines out of the way. The back yard was gone. 

"Where is it!" I began to panic when that song came again. It was louder this time. I turned around to see that little girl in the picture I saw yesterday.

"Your Samantha Whelms." I whispered.

"Yes. Yes I am." She sat down on a chair and looked at me. 

"Are you dead?" I asked.

"Yes. I died in a car crash. In the front of the house was the car where me and my parents died in." She got up and the furniture disappeared and I was in a car.

"It is just my mind and this was how I died." I looked at her parents. Rebecca and John Whelms.

"Why are you showing me this?" I asked.

"I am showing you this because I need to trust you and to keep our families secret." I looked at Rebecca.

"What do you mean our families secret?" I looked at her.

"Your mother was my aunt. I was born when your mother was ten and my mother was twenty three," She sighed. "You will learn the secretin the letters you found it that box." I looked out the window trying to think of what she just said. I then looked at her mother. . . I mean my aunt. She looked so much like my mother.

"It's time. We crashed into that shop." She pointed to a hat shop.

"What town were you in?" I looked at the hat shop.


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