The Martin Mansion

[This is for the Competition For All! Theme One.] Emily and Clark Wolfson are going to live with their grandfather, Ward, since the incident a few weeks ago. There once was a legend that spirits still haunts the place. Emily learns more about her family and about the devastation that her ancestors had seen. [I might continue this if I have the chance!]


2. Grandfather

We got to the mansion. It was pretty big. The police man took our bags and we followed him up to the porch. The house was a maybe made in the Victorian Era. Seeing the structure it was really old. The police man knocked on the door. A frail old woman opened it a crack and looked through at us with her small round glasses. 

"Who are you?" She asked. 

"Hello Madam, we are sorry to inform you that Mr. and Mrs. Wolfson have passed away due an unfortunate accident. We have been informed that you are their guardian?" he explained curtly. 

The woman blinked and answered," No, I am not their guardian. You must be here for Master Ward, I presume. He was expecting company soon." 

"Okay. Can the children come in and then I will be on my way." 

"Sure, come children your grandfather are waiting." We stepped inside the old house and the other servants took our bags. The old lady went in a room. I could hear her talking.

"Master Ward, you grandchildren are here." 

"Bring them in." We walked inside the room. I saw my grandfather Ward sitting on a red chair. The wood had strange markings on it.

"This is Emily and Clark."

"Very well. Annie can you tell them the rules, I need a nap." Grandfather left the room.

"Yes master." We followed her to the kitchen.

"There are six main rules. One) Don't ever go outside at night. Two) Listen to Master Ward and me. Three) No running around. Four) Children should go to bed immediately before ten o'clock. Five) Don't ever yell. Six) Follow the rules." She gave me a paper that had the six rules. She led us to our rooms. My room was across from Clark's. I walked inside and saw that is was and old room. The bed was very squeaky and it was so dark in here. I opened the window to let some light in.


It was lunch and I was hungry. Some of the servants were out and only a few stayed. I walked down the hall to the kitchen. I saw grandfather sitting on the chair looking at a book. He looked up at me.

"Emily. Come here." I sat down next to him.

"What are you looking at?"

"I am looking at scrapbook of the whole family." I took a look. I saw a little girl with grandfather.

"Was this my mom?" I asked.

"Yes that is your mother with me." He flipped the page. The next picture was grandmother in a hospital bed.

"What happened to her? Was she sick?" I kept on looking at the picture.

"She kept on seeing things. She thinks that the house was alive. People would think that she was crazy." I didn't say anything.

"Grandfather. . . . when did grandmother die?"

"She died last year. She was buried with the rest of the family." He sighed and closed the book. He then gave it to me.

"You could look at it." He went to his study. I took the book and went to my room.


Clark came in and sat down next to me. He looked at the pictures.

"Is this our family?" He questioned. I nodded. Clark left and I kept on looking at the pictures.

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