A 1D Christmas

Did I know what I was doing? What was wrong with me? Was it good or was it bad? These are questions that Emily ________ was asking herself, about life, and one directioner Niall. Can she lives her life knot knowing or will she fight back.


1. Introduction (Him)

Emily's P.O.V.


  When we first met I was sitting at the bar, resting my head in my hand. I was messing with some menu, and sort of playing with my hair. I hadn't noticed him yet, he definitely had noticed me. He walked up to the bar and held up two fingers, the bar tender nodded. Almost instantly two shots where firmly placed on the bar, he pushed one over to me, and smiled. We picked up the shots and drank them, forcefully slamming them down on the bar top. He smiled

"hi I'm Niall"

"I'm Emily" I smiled at him.

He held two more fingers up, and again two more shots where placed in front of him, and he pushed one over to me.


****Twenty minuets latter****

After what must have been five shots I lost time, but all I know was both me and Niall where getting drunk. I couldn't stop smiling at him, he was so hot. We left the bar, and went into the V.I.P. area, we were having so much fun. Did I menschen we were drunk. We sat at a table, and drank some more and talked about everything.

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