A 1D Christmas

Did I know what I was doing? What was wrong with me? Was it good or was it bad? These are questions that Emily ________ was asking herself, about life, and one directioner Niall. Can she lives her life knot knowing or will she fight back.


3. First Kiss

Niall's P.O.V.


She was so beautiful, her hair, her eyes, her body, her ass. How was this happening, she was amazing, in what seemed to be every way. I wanted to take her home. I just stared at her, and her beauty.

Emily's P.O.V.


He was staring at me like he wanted something, like a lost puppy, lost in the cold dark world. He wanted something, and I wanted to give it to him. I grabbed the collar of his shirt, and pulled him in. I pressed my lips around his cool, soft lips, pulling him closer. He didn't kiss me back...I was about to pull away, when he pressed his lips back into mine.


Niall's P.O.V.


Wow...she kissed me, it took me half a second to respond. I pressed me lips back into hers, her hands where now in my hair, pushing me closer. I stopped, I pulled away.. Why? I stood up," lets go somewhere privet". She didn't say anything, she just took my hand and followed me.

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