Keep Me Crazy

"Sunday dinner with a bottle of jack. Drive around town, like a heart attack. Baby your a mess, but it's meant to be, cause you keep me crazy. Tell me you love me and everything's alright, 57 seconds for you to start a fight. Baby some how you're the one I need, cause you keep me crazy" Keep Me Crazy -Chris Wallace


3. Two



"Abi, have you seen Bran anywhere?" Kacey asked me at the end of the day.


"Nope." I shook my head. 


"Ug-uh! We can't find him anywhere and the secretary said she can't find him anywhere!" Kacey frowned and stomped off. I rolled my eyes and walked outside. I passed by the same group of guys again, but this time they decided to come up to me. 


"Hey, sexy." One who looked like a reversed skunk winked at me. 


"Hi..." I said awkwardly. 


"You new here?" He asked. 


"Obviously if I have an American accent and we're in Australia." I rolled my eyes. 


"Ooh, we got a sassy one." He said to the others who made little sound effects. 


"Can I help you, skunk boy, or are you just here for my entertainment?" I asked, putting and hand on my hip and leaning to the side. 


"No, I think I could use you for some good entertainment if you get where I'm going." He winked. 


"Ha, the only thing you'll be getting from me is a beating from my brothers." I smiled, "Did I mention I have five of them? And they're older." His facial expression changed completely. 


"Five older brothers?" He asked in disbelief. 


"Oh, wait, make that eight." I laughed. 


"Abi!" I heard Brandon call me. 


"Ooh, look here comes one now." I giggled as Brandon came up behind me.


"Who's this?" He gave skunk boy a skeptical look.


"Don't know, just met him." I shrugged. 


"What business you got talking to my baby sister?" Brandon stepped in front of me, like when you see in the movies when a guy is protecting his girlfriend. We were you would call ghetto. We came from New York, got the accent that came with it. Brooklyn to be exact.


"Just welcoming he to Australia." He lied. 


"That better be all, you keep your dirty hands offa her." Brandon said. Skunk boy nodded and Brandon pulled me along the sidewalk the way home, "Don't talk to those punks, okay?" 


"Okay. What's wrong with em?" I asked. 


"You shoulda heard the way they were talking to a girl in the hall today. Nasty." He shook his head. 


"Oh. How was the first day?" I asked. 


"Some of them girls here are just as nasty as those guys." he laughed a bit. 


"So you got attention from whores? Nice." I giggled, giving him a high-five. 


"Whatever you say." He shook his head. It was probably the first time I'd seen him smile since we got here. It was nice seeing him happy again. I knew that the first chance he got to go back to Brooklyn, he'd take it. 


"How was your first day?" Missy asked Brandon. Yeah, we're not exactly friends...


"Fine. Where's dad?" He asked. 


"Work." She told him. I went upstairs and to my room. I sat on my bed and read my book, "All The Lovely Bad Ones". 

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