Keep Me Crazy

"Sunday dinner with a bottle of jack. Drive around town, like a heart attack. Baby your a mess, but it's meant to be, cause you keep me crazy. Tell me you love me and everything's alright, 57 seconds for you to start a fight. Baby some how you're the one I need, cause you keep me crazy" Keep Me Crazy -Chris Wallace


2. One



"So, ready for your first day in the new school?" My sister, Jana(JAY-nuh), asked.


"I guess," I shrugged, not bothering to get ready.


"Have you seen my purple bra?" Jana asked.


"No, I'm not the one who steals her sisters bras and thongs." I said, referring to her.


"It's not my fault my sister buys cute bras and thongs." She laughed. 


"It's not my fault I have good taste in clothes." 


We had just moved to Australia, Sydney to be exact. It was nice, only cause it was warm all the time. We moved midsummer, while it was burning hot and the ocean waters were nice and cool. Jana and I were fine with the move, because of the nice weather. Kacey, our other sister, was okay with it, so was John, Kacey and Jana's twin. But Brandon. He wasn't happy at all. He's 18. I'm 16, Jana, Kacey, and John are 17, as well as Brandon. Brandon was born in March, then 9 months later, Jana, Kacey, and John. Then me a year later. But Brandon has a girlfriend, Layla. Well he had a girlfriend. I'm quite sure why they broke up, but they did. John said it was bad. I have more siblings who are currently in college: Mitchell, Jacob, Ricky, Jim, Tyler, Danny, and Miley. Yay me, stuck with eight way over-protective older brothers. Not to mention how over-protective my sisters get, too. When Jana finally left my room, I decided to get dressed. I listened to 'Believe' by Hollywood Undead. I put on my Superman t-shirt, black leggings that went to the bottom of my knees, and red converse. I did my makeup, curled my hair, grabbed my phone, and went downstairs. 


"Morning, Abigail." My dad smiled at me. 


"Hi." I gave half a smile and sat at the table. My step-mom, Missy, was making breakfast. 


"Excited for your first day of school?" He asked. 


"Nope. I don't know anyone there except Jana, Kacey, John, and Brandon." I rolled my eyes.


"I know you're not happy about the move, but it's better here then back home." He told me. 


"Yes, we'd have a much better life with poisonous ants who can kill you with one bite." I said sarcastically. 


"Abi, don't be like that." He sighed. 


"Whatever, I'm going to school now." I said, walking out of the house. I didn't bother waiting for the others, I just walked to school. I arrived at what was supposedly the school. It was a big building that looked brand new. As I walked by a group of guys standing by the steps, I earned wolf whistles and little comments. They acted as if I couldn't hear them. 


"Check out the tail on that." One of the said. 


"I'd do her any day." Another said. I rolled my eyes and found the office. 


"May I help you?" The secretary asked, looking up at me but still typing away on her computer.


"Uh, yeah. I'm new here." I told her. 


"You must be one of the Pernicci (PUR-nick-ee) kids." She smiled at me, looking at some papers on her desk, "Which one might you be, love?" 


"Abigail." I said.


"Well, welcome to Sydney High, Abigail. My name is Mrs.Hanson." She gave me another warm smile. 


"Hi." I smiled back.


"Your first class with be with Mr.Perez, upstairs." She explained, handing me my schedule, "Have a seat while I find someone to show you around for the first day." 


"There you are! Why didn't you wait for us?" Kacey, John, Brandon, and Jana entered the office. 


"Didn't want to." I shrugged.


"And you must be Kacey, Jana, Brandon, and John." Mrs.Hanson smiled at them, hanging up the phone. She handed them their schedules as if she knew exactly who was who. Brandon just looked at his schedule and walked out. He hasn't talked to anyone since him and Layla broke up. 


"We'l find our way to class, thank you." John smiled. With that they walked out, most likely to find Brandon. Just then, a boy with curly brown hair, that suited him just right, and dimples that dented his cheeks when he smiled walked in.


"You needed me, Mrs.Hanson?" He asked her.


"Yes, this is Abigail. She's new here. Would you mind showing her around?" She asked him.. His jaw dropped when his eyes landed on me, and I swear they were about to come out of his head. I stood up and walked in front of him.


"Close your mouth, you'll catch flies." I smiled a bit, leaning to the side and putting a hand on my hip. 


"Uh, I'm Ashton." He smiled.


"Abigail." I returned the smile.


"Alright, stop standing around and get to class." Mrs.Hanson said. We went out into the hallway and stood there. 


"So, where did you move from?" Ashton asked. 


"Oklahoma." I told him. 


"Why'd you move all the way form America to Australia?" He asked


"Because my dad grants my step-moms every wish." I rolled my eyes.


"Oh." He nodded. He peered down at my schedule then motioned me to follow him, "This is your locker. Mr.Perez's room is right there. That'll be your homeroom and first period unless they change your schedule."


"Okay." I nodded. A girl with long, brown hair and green eyes stood next to him. 


"This is my little sister, Lauren. She's in first period in almost all your classes, except period 4 and 8, which you have with me. She'll take you to to the classes you share then I'll get you to show you where the ones we have together are." He told me. 


"Alright." I nodded and he headed to class. 


"Hi, I'm Lauren." She smiled. 


"Abigail but you can call me Abi." I smiled. 

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