Run far away

Moving to Ireland sounds like a dream, right? Well not to Hallie Danes. (Or Zyla Brady as her friends know her) Zyla is mad at her family for sending her to live with her aunt in Ireland. Until she meets henext door neighbor!!!!!


1. The Talk

Zylas P.O.V- " I'm not leaving." I told my mom and dad so angry images to hurting them appeard in my head. They were going to ship me off to Ireland to live with CRAZY aunt. They hate me. I was caught drinking and smoking last month. They told me to stop or they would put me in rehab until i was better. Since then I've tried to quit. It was useless i couldn't, drugs were taking over my life. I told them i couldn't quit. I was honest i told them and now they are shipping me to Ireland! " What did i do to make you hate me enough to ship me to live with my aunt ACROSS THE WORLD" " We don't hate you! WE are disappointed in your disistions but we don't hate you. You do your 'STUFF' with your friends so we thought if your not with your friends you won't smoke or drink. as soon as your better we will take you back but we are just scared for you and your health!" " Take me back so now i'm just and old doll your letting your sister borrow until she fixes it GREAT" I went up to pack. Maybe i will get off the plane and run away! Sounds fun!!! As i got off the plane i went to walk off to where ever the hell i go, then a girl that looked just like my mom walked up to me." Sweetheart i'm so glad to you!!! Me car is out in the parking lot in the WAYYY back so i shall carry your bags." I was guessing she was my aunt so i just went along. When we arrived at the house i saw a man cross the street to see us. " Hello Charlie, this is my dear niece Hallie" she called me HALLIE!!!! " My names Zyla actually. Its nice to meet you...I guess that's what they say here scince i was forced to come here and don't know anything about Ireland" by the look on his face i say he was offended. I went inside to unpack with my aunt when we heard a soft knock at the door. I heard my aunt answer.

Nialls P.O.V-

I heard the noise of footsteps walk up to the door. I saw the face of Alice,my neighbor. " Hello, dear how are you what brings you over here right now?" I wasn't sure why I came over so i just said " I heard yelling so i came to see what's up i'm kind of nosey!" Then i saw a girl. She was walking up to the door... she was amazingly beautiful i haven't seen any more beautiful person id ever seen. " Who's the blonde?" Her voice rang in one ear and out the other. I wanted to hear it again so i answered. " The blondes name is Niall Horan, who's the one with the back hair and gourgeous green eyes?" I definatly pushed it. Well i did make her blush a bit so i don't think it was that bad!! " She is th one and only Zyla Brady or just Zyla because i like Zyla?!?" Her voice was like a drug and im addicted.

Zyla's P.O.V-

He was cute. Lord what am i saying he was freaking sexxxyyy. His accent and his eyes and the way he said i had pretty eyes it was like a drug. I was not going to quit this one. " I have to unpack why don't you come upstairs and help me you. It will only take 30 minutes ." i'm am so going to regret that later!! Wait did he just say his name is Niall Horan!!! " WAIT WHAT DID YOU SAY YOUR NAME WAS AGAIN!!!" "Niall Horan" he is THE Niall Horan. " YOUR IN THAT BAND THAT I'VE NEVER LISTEND TO BECAUSE I WAS TO BUSY WRITING MYOWN MUSIC TO PAY ATTENTION TO YOURS OMG I CANT BELIVE THAT I LIVE NEXT DOOR TO YOU EVEN THOUGH I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE AND GUESSING BY THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE I SHOULD CALM DOWN AND tell you about me let you tell me about you and then we show each other our music then unpack then eat dinner because i'm starving" Im stupid!!!

Niall's P.O.V-

She has never listened to my music?? Bummer but she still wants to know me and i still want to know her and i am also starving s by guessing its going to be a good night. " That's what makes you beautiful oh oh that's what make you beautiful"

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