Half Blood Heroes- Strung Beads

Find out about the lost siblings of the Heroes of Olympus and their grueling quests.


14. Chapter XIV Ian

I was desperately trying to break the bonds with my fire. I hadn't had the years to refine and restrain my talent. I was loosing strength as the strain began to drain me, but, finally fire began to melt the metal bonding me. "Yee-ha!" I yelled. They all turned to see what had happened. "I've done it!" I shouted.

There were shouts of "Way to go Ian!" and "Nice job junior!" and "Ian you son of a b****!" That was probably Kaz. I ran across the room to Ari. "Hey," She said, "Nice of you to show up!" I melted her bonds and went to do the same to the others. I was drained of energy now. I felt dizzy and sick. I began to stumble. Ari caught me as i fell. "You OK?" She asked, keeping me up right. I kissed her fore head. "Yeah." I said. She looked at me disbelievingly. I knew she could see right through me, we had known each other so long. "You're lying," she said, and then to everyone, "Guys, can we stay the night, its just the Valdez brothers aren't in very good shape!" I laughed, then stumbled again. Ari caught me and sat me against the wall. "You stay there," She said and I willingly complied.

All I remember after that was the kiss she gave me and then darkness.

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