Half Blood Heroes- Strung Beads

Find out about the lost siblings of the Heroes of Olympus and their grueling quests.


13. Chapter XIII Marc

We had tried our best to fight the manticore, but our best obviously wasn't enough. Soon we were all in chains travelling in a celestial bronze carriage. The wheels vibrated a lot on the rough road, so thank the gods it was just a short journey. 

We came to a halt at a huge, dingy, stone building. The concrete binding the bricks was covered in moss and ivy and two guards stood at the wrought iron gate. We were thrust into a stone chamber and locked against the wall, our arms above our heads. We hung there in silence, all where ashamed of our foolishness in staying to fight. If it could defeat Annabeth, it could defeat anyone and everyone. After a while the  metal began to cut our wrists. I saw the blood trickle down my arms and mingle with the sweat and felt so ill.

We were all shattered and none had the strength to try and break out. Leo was trying his fire over, and over again, but he was exhausted, he just didn't have the strength to melt the metal. "Try," Leo muttered "Ian." And he passed out.

"Hey! Leo! Dood?" Ian shouted. "What? I can't use fire! Leo help!" But Leo would not wake."Right," said Ian, "Let's try this..." He closed his eyes and screwed up his face...

...Nothing. He tried again, and again but not a thing happened. We came to a mutual agreement not to push him any further. We then suddenly heard a voice coming towards us. "Put the ladies in here!" 

Seven cut and bruised girls and one boy were tossed into the chamber and locked against the wall next to us. I turned to my left to see the girl tied next to me. I immediately recognized the look of anger on her bleeding face. It was Kaz. "Marc!" she said, "For one I'm glad to see you!" She lent over and reached out to kiss me.

The kiss felt so good. After our argument anything could heal the rift. "I'm... sorry," she mumbled. I sighed. "Kaz, really, it's OK. I love you and you love me so it's alright!" She smiled and we kissed again.

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