Half Blood Heroes- Strung Beads

Find out about the lost siblings of the Heroes of Olympus and their grueling quests.


11. Chapter XI Kaz

I shoved the doors open and we leaped out and ran round to meet Jake. Lola gripped his hand and I glared in disgust as we trudged on. I hated that sickly sweet love stuff. Why on earth did I have a boyfriend? I looked over at  Macie  who was questioning  Piper about her dad. I felt the anger rising up in me. She was to lucky and didn't care for us at all. No one else knew their parents. My mum was dead and my Dad immortal. That applied to quite a few demigods, not many knew their parents, or their mortal parent was dead. 

I twisted the ring on my finger. The same ring that was on Macie, Ariana, Lola, Pete, Marc and Ian's finger. It signified our bond, our similarities and our friendship. Macie didn't deserve it. She didn't  share the desire to meet our parents, a desire that will never be fulfilled. We had no bond any more and I hated her.

Piper rang the doorbell. Macie was jumping around so excited. Cow! A tall, seriously fit guy opened the door. If Marc looked like that...

He invited us inside, hugged Piper and then saw Macie. "My daughter, my darling daughter." He rushed forward and embraced her. I turned away in disgust. "And Piper," Their Dad said, "A child!" he took his two daughters off. The rest left to the rooms they had been allocated. I went with Lola, who I was sharing a room with. We shot gunned beds and slumped down on them. I began to tell Lola my views on Macie. She had always understood me. Would she now though? "I mean, she can't help showing off! She just can't resist. I think we should take her ring. She doesn't deserve our bond!" 

"I see where your coming from," She said, "But what about the others? Would they agree?"

I shrugged. Would they? "Who cares about them?" I said. But inside, I kinda did. "I dunno," said Lola. I was determined to do this. I didn't care what Lola thought. I ran downstairs and found Macie. "Hey," I shouted, "Come here!" She followed nervously knowing I was in a bad mood. We stopped in a small disused room."Take that ring off!" I yelled. She looked at me reluctantly, but slowly slipped the ring off her finger and dropped it in my palm. I dropped it on the floor and crushed it with my foot. The tears began to roll down her face. She turned, head down  and ran out of the room.

I looked down at the remains of the golden ring, and I picked up the squished jewel and pocketed it. I did feel a bit guilty, but not that bad. Really I felt good!

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