Half Blood Heroes- Strung Beads

Find out about the lost siblings of the Heroes of Olympus and their grueling quests.


8. Chapter VIII Ian

The meeting started with tonnes of boring stuff. We sat and listened, half the legion seemed to be going to sleep. Then Reyna, the praetor, walked on with Frank (Kaz's brother) and a guy with sandy blonde hair who was casually carrying a soft toy who walked along side Rachel, the raid haired prophet of CHB.

" Welcome legions, and Greeks!" She said. Suddenly everyone seemed to wake up. "We are here today to discuss some important business, which has come before our prophets. Octavian, speak."

The teddy bear guy lifted the cuddly animal into the air and cut him open. I'll have to admit I was slightly worried this guy lived off crack. He then scattered the teddy's stuffing on the floor.

"The seven thought Earths wear? Encompassed froth and freshening?  Bell pull in doves and hurts denier? They opal frame fennel? Bus now the tongue ones thyme hat gum? To bite the sod's wear? All 15 will an sir the stall? To kind the fight and hem?" He said. The crowd muttered not sure what to make of it.

"Or," said Rachel "It could be like this:" 

She released a green mist from her mouth and her eyes started to glow.

"The seven fought Earth's war,

Encompassed truth and friendship,

Believed in  love and heart's desire,

They over came them all.

But now the young one's time has come,

To fight the gods war,

All 15 will answer the call,

To find the Titan's Gem."

The green aura receded and Rachel returned to normal.

"Well," Said Jason, "It's obvious who needs to go on the quest, but I'm not letting Piper go, she's pregnant!"

"We'll stay and look after her Jason, you should go." Said Annabeth and Hazel.

"And I will stay to." To our surprise it was Jake who stood up and said this.

Reyna looked hurt when she saw this and I saw Pete whisper something to Macie.

"We will provide transport," said Reyna. "And a map. We believe that the Titan's Gem is rather similar to the beads of Camp Half Blood. The gods war is believed by praetor Zhang to be a war that continues between the Roman and Greek gods. Throughout this our two camps must remain united!"


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