Half Blood Heroes- Strung Beads

Find out about the lost siblings of the Heroes of Olympus and their grueling quests.


5. Chapter V Pete

Our siblings took us each on a tour of the camp. I got lead away by Jason who took his girlfriend, who happened to be Macie’s sister, along with him. We started at the stables which were full of winged horses called Pegasus’. Jason showed me his own Pegasus from Camp Jupiter the Roman version of Camp Half Blood that had been recently moved next door to CHB. Macie loved the stables, though I had never seen her as a horse person.

We went round the whole camp and then Jason and I went off to Cabin One. I wasn’t sure what he meant by Cabin One, but I went along with it any way. Jason showed me to a hut-like building. The pillars at the front were decorated with intricate carvings of battles and storms that were painted beautifully. Jason led me in and I only had a couple seconds to take in the inside before a shout came from the corner of the alcove at the back.

“Jason get me a drink. Now!”

“Thalia there’s someone you might want to meet.” Jason said.

“Who?” Thalia asked.

“Come and see!” Jason yelled. Thalia came out of her alcove and looked at me. She stopped and stared, dumbstruck. She then ran and hugged me tight.

She then let go and said “sorry.” I wanted to say something but my mouth was dry and all I could manage was a grunt. Thalia smiled and kissed my cheek.

“I’m sorry but I already have a girlfriend. Um...” I said.

“Oh you are an idiot! I’m your sister for Zeus’ sake!”She said. I was taken aback.  She invited me to sit down and I did so. The chair was soft and springy and it made me feel relaxed.

“Do you think he’s Roman or Greek, I mean the others probably already know but he’s got 2 siblings so we don’t know?” Thalia said.

“Well let’s try the average test. Are you Roman?” Jason asked.

“I’m not that sure!” I replied.

“Roman!” Thalia and Jason said together, “You see,” continued Thalia, “Jason just spoke Latin to you and you answered in Latin”

“Oh dear,” Jason muttered.

“Whats wrong?” Thalia asked.

“Pete, did your girlfriend go off with a chesnut girl with a plait in her hair and an orange t-shirt?” Jason asked.

“Yes.” I said.


“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Well, I told you earlier that Romans and Greeks have different camps. Well, you are Roman and, well, Marcie...”




“Whatever, she is Greek, and I stay here a lot because my training is over, but as a trainee, you probably will not be allowed here and, you won’t be able to see her...”


“What? Where is she? When? Why?”I asked.


“Well,” Thalia said, “You’re Roman and CHB is Greek. Girlfriend is Greek and Camp.J is Roman. She’ll be in the Aphrodite cabin... The pink one.” I ran out and looked for the pink cabin. It wasn’t hard to find. I ran inside









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