Half Blood Heroes- Strung Beads

Find out about the lost siblings of the Heroes of Olympus and their grueling quests.


2. Chapter II Ariana

Where were we? Oh yes! So, we left through the labyrinth of rooms out to the picnic park. I sat on a bench with Kaz, Pete, Marc, Lola, Ian, Rose and Macie. I suppose Macie was to err... Macie to tell you about our boyfriends.

Ian and I had been going out since September last year. Our first kiss was so unromantic. It happened when I smashed his model thing. I was really upset. I know it sounds lame but I was. You should have seen it. He went over to me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, bang on the lips. He rocked me in his arms and hushed me. I rested my head on his chest and I suppose that end bit was pretty romantic.

Miss. Macie had Pete. They had been together since sixth grade and we were in ninth now! They honestly looked seriously cute together. Then there was Kaz and Marc. They had been cherubs since January two years ago.

After lunch, which consisted of crisps, sweets and gruesome ham sandwiches (Macie was vegetarian so she had vegetable slop instead), we headed towards the museum. The eight of us must have taken a wrong turning because we ended up in a room full of statuettes of people (mainly men) in Greek battle armour.

Rose froze once she saw the statuettes and, weird as it sounds, began to take her pants off to reveal donkey legs. “Why donkey legs!” I cried.  Rose looked outraged. “O.M.G does your mortal mind not stretch as far too think Satyr with goat legs! I mean, come on at least get the goat bit, man!”

Suddenly, and I mean suddenly, not in that babyish way kids use it, the statuettes came to life and began to attack us. Crazy day! Pete, Ian and Marc began stamping on them and us girls joined in. Rose just went totally ninja she was doing flips and the like all over the place and was fighting with a stick! [Magically enchanted killing weapon]. I get the picture Rose!

Once all the statues were dust, Pete turned to Rose and said “What on earth were they. And the stick...”

“This is not a stick. Terrible idea! It is a weapon. And they were Ares Animals mixed with Mars Animals!”

“What, as in the Greek/Roman god of war?” Pete asked.

“Pete,” stammered Rose, “how do you know about Ares.”

“Is there something wrong with me knowing about Ares?” Pete enquired.

“Nothing, just you shouldn’t, you just physically shouldn’t!” said Rose.

“Why shouldn’t I, just tell me!” Yelled Pete.

“You’re a Roman and Ares is Greek!”Rose shouted.

“I’m not with you!”Pete muttered.

“Shut up! I’d better tale you to camp. Who saw Yew last?” Rose said.

“Who?” I asked

“Oh yeah. Dr. Everlast!” Rose informed us that he was also a satyr called Yew Hedge and they were both here to protect us!

After we found Yew Hedge we walked to the front of the museum and Rose threw a gold coin in the air, whistled, and then muttered “You better accept this you eyeless hags!” The mist formed a dark mass with bright lights at the front. The mist slowly transformed into a car which changed to a grotty New York taxi.

The front window slowly sunk down to reveal three eyeless ladies. I screamed, very, very loudly. “What’s wrong sweetie?” said the one in the middle. “Eyes-eyes!” I was suddenly aware of the odd looks the people in the street were giving me and quickly added “I knew I’d get that answer!” I suppose that drew the attention away from me so I looked a bit less strange [You are strange mate!] Thanks Lola.

“Come on in sweetie.” Their voices were sickly American, almost fake accents, like the ones British people do. We did what the ladies asked of us and got in the cab.

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