Half Blood Heroes- Strung Beads

Find out about the lost siblings of the Heroes of Olympus and their grueling quests.


1. Chapter I Macie

There was only one day to go until Ariana, Lola and I were going to Canada Country Resort in Toronto. Don’t think we were exited, think the opposite. Our teacher, Miss. Haloes was taking the whole grade and the rest of our grade was a load of lunatics.

All three of us did not know who are parents were or our surnames. No-one in our “school” did. Our so-called “school” was Huxley Orphanage for the Child on the Street. It was awful! The only other people there that had any sense apart from the three of us were Kaz, Pete, Marc and Ian. They were in our grade too. Thank goodness. I suppose Rose had sense but she was shy and was crippled with a note to excuse here from P.E for the rest of her life.

It was trips week so on this particular day were going to The New York Greeks Museum. I liked history so it was fine with me. Our escort was Dr. Everlast my favourite teacher. This was going to be good.

After four hours of listening to the wheels on this piece of junk go round and stop we arrived. Inscribed on the arch above the door way was Welcome to the Temple of Athena. I read it as Welcome to the Temple of Athena. This dyslexia was getting worse.

My friends looked muddled as well, especially Pete, Kaz and Marc. Rose didn’t seem confused, in fact she almost pretended the writing didn’t exist and kept looking back at me and the others seeming quite concerned. I ran up to her and asked “What up?” She turned and stammered “N-nothing. N-no no not a th-thing!” It was obvious she was lying but I didn’t interrogate her anymore and ran over to Ariana and Lola.

Lola’s eyes looked stunning in the light. They were sea green and side on they changed between blue and green. Ariana’s were storm grey. If she was angry, and you looked at her eyes, you would run thousands of miles before feeling safe. My eyes are deep brown almost black and match my hair.

We were led into the museums Mythology and Archaeology section. It was full of vases and carvings depicting mythological creatures and the like. We went through halls filled with this sort of thing, then were led through a tiny corridor were we had to go single file. The corridor led to a huge room with a giant statue in the centre. Ariana leant over and whispered in my ear “That’s the Athena Parthenon.  Or, at least a replica that’s five times smaller” I gasped.

Dr. Everlast started to point to the panels on the walls showing mythological events. He went over to a panel and said “Macie! What is shown here?” At the top it said Borne from Beauty.  

“Why does born have an e at the end?”

“Excuse me Macie? Please could you tell me what is shown here?”

“Aphrodite” I gushed “She was born from the remains of Gaia when they were scattered into the sea. She rose standing naked on a clam, I think.” I astonished myself. How did I know that?

“Correct, now we will have lunch and then we will congregate back here at 1: 45.”

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