Little White Lies

New schools, I hate them! Well I just moved to Britain from Spain, I'm part English Welsh and Irish and have lived in England until I was 5 moved to America until I was 10 southern Ireland until I was 15 and then Spain until now, I'm 19 and have moved to be precise the University of Leeds. I do live alone but that doesn't mater because I have to now move to a house with 8 strangers, wish me luck!



I woke up the next morning with a text from Austin...

A: Hi hunny, you weren't a very good girl yesterday so your going to have to stay in that room all day. I'm sorry it has to be like this but you looked like a slut and to make it worst you threatened to end it with me. You know I love you and I only do what's best for you.xx 

I threw my phone to the wall in disgust. I know I shouldn't of done what he said yesterday but I had to. I love him. I got up and dressed into a less revealing outfit. A black short sleeve top, black skinny jeans, brown heeled ankle boots and a knitted cream long jacket that ended just below my waist. I started to band on the door for them to let me out. I heard whispers and then their feet going back down stairs. Frantically, I looked around for a window to climb out of. I spotted one right beside my wardrobe. I did a little weep of joy and then lifted it open. Climbed out and down the vines that crawled up the side of our house. I jumped down on the floor with a bang and ran to the front door. I fixed my slightly messy hair then walked in. "Why didn't you open that fucking door, were you going to leave me there all day! I thought Austin said to open it in the morning well at least that's what I heard.!" I shouted at them all with puzzled faces. "I'm sorry." Saph finally said. "He told us that but downstairs told us let you out in the evening when he comes back over. I grabbed my phone out my pocket and rang him. When I remembered I didn't have it last night. They must of gave it to me when I was asleep. He answered. "Hello, you come over tonight and I swear to god that I will not do what you say, I will not let you use me and I certainly wont be your Forever any more!" I shouted then hung up, not letting him speak. "Let's take you up stairs." Louis said wrapping his arm around my waist and leading my to the stairs. "Okay." I cried and let him take me  to my room, only, went past my room and to another with a lock. Louis pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door leading me into the room. It was a cream color, practically the same as mine, photo's all over the walls. "Did Harry do your room?" I asked him wiping away the tears that had been left on my face. He nodded and sat me on the bed opposite him. "Is your relationship with Austin abusive?" He asked in all seriousness. "No." I shook my head, I knew it was but I thought it best not to tell him. "What was yesterday about then?" He asked me. "I love him, nothing is going to change my mind." I told him. "He's controlling you." Louis said and out his hand on mine. I moved my hand. "Maybe I like it that way." I told him and completely regretted it straight away. "So you admit he controls you.." Louis said. Tears streamed down my face as I realized the reality of my relationship. I nodded. Louis came closer to me and put on hand on my cheek. "I know you don't really love him." He whispered our lips not that far from each others. "I do." I told him and removed his hand from my face. "Forever, you don't." Louis said. "I know." I cried. In one swift movement he grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and my stomach did somersaults. My hands went threw his hair and his hands went down to my waist and hoisted me on top of him as he lay down. This caused me to straddle him, my hands still in his hair and his on my waist his thumbs rubbing my waist. A knock on the door caused me to lie beside him and start talking about thing about me "Yeah, I have moved around a lot but- Oh hey Emma." I smiled when she walked in Louis was still holding my hand and one arm round my waist. I moved his hands and she gasped. "Louis, she's got a boyfriend!" "Ems nothings going on." Louis said. "No, you were kissing and now holding hands." Emma said, she doesn't miss a thing. "No we weren't." I said. The door opened more to reveal Austin stood beside her. "I knew I couldn't trust you!" Austin shouted and grabbed my arm dragging me to my room. Only my room was on the floor below causing him to drag me down the stairs. "It's over Austin, you can't control me anymore." I shouted trying to break free of his grip. "You don't mean that!" He shouted and threw me into my room. "I do." I shouted getting back to me feet. I gave him a hard shove and ran upstairs back to Louis who was still stood in amazement at what just happened. I got to the door way but then something pulled my hair. I turned around to see Austin holding grip of my red hair and pulling to him. I was close by him when he let go. I punched him and ran into Louis's protective arms. Austin strode forward towards us. I buried my head into his chest. I felt his hands wrap around me. "Let go of my girlfriend!" I heard Austin shot as my eyes were shut. "She's not your girlfriend anymore!" I shouted at him, my eyes still shut and Louis arms still around me. "Yes you are!" He screamed and I felt him hit Louis to the floor. "I knew this place would be bad for you so we are going home!" He shouted and grabbed my already red wrist. "NO!" I screamed and felt a sudden rush of anger went threw me. I punched his stomach then his face. He fell to the floor and I kicked his ribs then his balls and run into Louis room and locked the door. "Open it now!" Austin shouted. "Leave!" I screamed back. "We are over, I'm with Louis." I lied to make him leave the house. "Fine!" He screamed and I heard him walk down stairs and the door slammed. "Am I really?" He asked rubbing my hips. I moved his hands. "I needed him to leave." I told him as I unlocked the door and walked down stairs. "Thank you for your help all of you!" I shouted and then ran to my room and locked the door.  That's were I spent the rest of the night.

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