Little White Lies

New schools, I hate them! Well I just moved to Britain from Spain, I'm part English Welsh and Irish and have lived in England until I was 5 moved to America until I was 10 southern Ireland until I was 15 and then Spain until now, I'm 19 and have moved to be precise the University of Leeds. I do live alone but that doesn't mater because I have to now move to a house with 8 strangers, wish me luck!



So today my outfit was a little more revealing, I'm going to get over Austin and sitting around all day thinking about him isn't going to help. Call me what you want, slut whore whatever but this is my healing process. 

If you haven't already noticed all my outfits are complete with heels so far and that Is because I'm one small mofo. 5'1 to be exact and with these heels on that means I am now 5'4. So yeah, I have school today, well uni. My lesson are Music, free period, music, English, Art I have art and English with Harry and Music, free period and English with Saph, Niall and Louis. I have all lesson the same as Amy though so she is showing me around. I put my phone into my front pocket of my shorts and met Amy down stairs who was wearing even shorter shorts same kind of top and no jacket plus 8 inch heels. "Ready?" She asks me, I nod. We both walk out the door and down a path that lead right to Leeds University it's not even a two minute walk. "Music first." I state and Amy nods. "Ground rules. It's like high school there are people that everyone else. They are dumb shits but popularity wise they practically own the school, don't go near them. Just stick with us. Especially in free period. They will kill you." She smiled at me ."Oh also, music is kinda of just do what ever you want that is music related, when normally have sing offs but you can do what you want. English is quite hard so stick with me we don't have assigned seats. Art same as music just do what you want but you have to produce a piece of work at the end of the week." She said. I nodded to state my understanding and we walked to music. The room was so big and professional no doubt I could make my own music here. I walked in to see Niall and Louis already there singing L: If this room was burning N: I wouldn't even notice 'Cause you've been taking up my mind With your L: little white lies, little white lies. I looked at Amy as if to ask if I could join in. I sat down at the piano and started to play. The room was now full of different people who take Music. Everyone was present even the kind of teacher was here in the door way. I began to sing

"How long will I love you
As long as stars are above you
And longer if I can
How long will I need you
As long as the seasons need to
Follow their plan

How long will I be with you
As long as the sea is bound to
Wash up on the sand

How long will I want you
As long as you want me to
And longer by far
How long will I hold you
As long as your father told you
As long as you can

How long will I give to you
As long as I live through you
However long you say

How long will I love you
As long as stars are above you
And longer if I may" I stopped as everyone started to clap. I stood up and bowed. "As you may well know I set an assignment every week and this week's is to make your own music of any genre." She then smiled at me before leaving. She ran back in the room. "Buddy up." She ran off again, late for somewhere I'm guessing. Louis walked over to me. "I was thinking because your new you would want me, and maybe you could help me. I could help you in Ict if you take it?" He asked me. I nodded. "So I was thinking something completely different, something that states the unfairness of being ranked in society and maybe stuff like being embarrassed by where you live if your in the lower class of society because of what torn up house you might have and the fantasy of being a royal or even ruling some place that everyone has. How people who don't have a lot of money don't normally care they just really go to the parties and have as much fun as they can on their budget. Something like that.." I said to Louis who was completely shocked at the preciseness of my song choice. "Um, yeah, that will be fine." Louis told me. "So what can you play?" I asked him. "I can play drums and kazoo and tambourine." I laughed at him. "Okay well I can play Piano, acoustic guitar, violin, drums, electric guitar, trumpet, harp and flute." I told him and his jaw dropped. "No wonder your living in the house of achievers." He stated. I giggled. "The song is going to be called Royals and I will play drums and you will play acoustic guitar." Louis told me and I nodded. "Let get started I have free period next." I told him as we began to write the lyrics. It followed on into free period but we didn't care then Music next so we continued then as well.


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