Little White Lies

New schools, I hate them! Well I just moved to Britain from Spain, I'm part English Welsh and Irish and have lived in England until I was 5 moved to America until I was 10 southern Ireland until I was 15 and then Spain until now, I'm 19 and have moved to be precise the University of Leeds. I do live alone but that doesn't mater because I have to now move to a house with 8 strangers, wish me luck!



I woke up the next morning completely fine. No, hangover, no head ache. Nothing. I got some clothes out my wardrobe and put them on. 

I walked towards Louis room where I heard loud music playing. I knocked on the door. No answer. Knocked again. Still no answer I opened the door to find 5 boys sleeping all over Louis's room and Louis asleep on the bed. There was plastic cups every where, on the floor, bed, in the lamp, under the bed, drawers and even one was stuck to the ceiling. I stepped over the sea of drunk asleep soon to be hungover boys over to Louis. I shook his shoulder a little. I saw a bit of dribble on his pillow and laughed a little and he awoke. "Hello sleepy." I smiled. He smiled slightly at me rubbing his eyes. "Let's go do some shopping." I giggled and threw him clothes. 

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