Little White Lies

New schools, I hate them! Well I just moved to Britain from Spain, I'm part English Welsh and Irish and have lived in England until I was 5 moved to America until I was 10 southern Ireland until I was 15 and then Spain until now, I'm 19 and have moved to be precise the University of Leeds. I do live alone but that doesn't mater because I have to now move to a house with 8 strangers, wish me luck!



"Are you okay?" Louis asked me. "Leave me alone!" I cried and ran to my room. I slammed the door shut and locked it. I felt all the anger burn up inside me. I screamed loudly pushing every single thing on my desk of it, crashing onto the the floor. I threw my pillows off my bed and ripped down every photo of me and Harry off the walls. I threw them into the bin and grabbed Harry's lighter out of one of my jacket pockets I set fire to them so they were gone. I threw all my gift's from him which was only 4 everywhere still screaming. One hit my mirror and the glass shattered. I screamed at it and fell to the floor weak because of my crying. I finally heard Louis hitting the door to let him in, I unlocked the door for him and returned to my seat on the floor. Louis looked round my room and rushed to my side. "Are you okay?" Louis asked. "You know, you say that a lot!" I slightly laughed. He nodded. "Really though, are you okay?" He asked. "I'm fine." I smiled as a tear slipped out my eyes. Louis wrapped his arm around me and hugged my tight. I lent my head on his shoulder and we sat there for a while. 




"Oh My Fuck!"  I heard Amy shout and put out a fire coming over the top of my bin. We must of fallen asleep. "Thank you Ames." I said and lent my head back in the same position. Louis was fast asleep. "I thought you were with Harry?" Amy whispered. I shook my head. "I'm not with Louis either." She giggled and winked. I rolled my eyes. Amy waved good bye and shut the door. I could hear her walk down stairs. "Ri-Ri." Louis said. "Mmhm." I answered and looked at Louis he was still asleep. I giggled to myself. "Ri." Louis mumbled again. I looked over to him again,still asleep. I kissed his head and fell asleep. 

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