Little White Lies

New schools, I hate them! Well I just moved to Britain from Spain, I'm part English Welsh and Irish and have lived in England until I was 5 moved to America until I was 10 southern Ireland until I was 15 and then Spain until now, I'm 19 and have moved to be precise the University of Leeds. I do live alone but that doesn't mater because I have to now move to a house with 8 strangers, wish me luck!



So I have on a mint long sleeve shirt with a coral floaty skirt. I have my hair in a ponytail and it's also curled. I have fake eyelashes on and my eyeliner is in a dibble up style. I have natural eyeshadow and pale pink lipstick on. I got a text from Alex

A: Ready?x


A: Okay beautiful, coming to get you x 

He's actually a really sweet guy. Well so far I mean I have only been texting him all day and he seems sweet, but I need a proper commitment relationship. Alex better want that too. There was a knock on the door and I rushed downstairs. I was too late. Harry and Louis and Alex were all waiting for me at the door Louis and Gary looking annoyed but Alex completely oblivious to their feelings toward him. "Wow." They all said in unison. I giggled and walked over to Alex. I gave him a short friendly hug then he held my hand and led me to his car.  "My I say right now you look amazing!" Alex complimented me. I thanked him and we drove off.

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